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Tomo Games: Some dApp games you should try on TomoChain

By Phuc Duong | Tomo Lover | 11 Mar 2020

DApp game is a very important part of every blockchain. Tomo Games on TomoChain are expected to play the same rule.

How important DApp games are in blockchain?

Come to the world in 2009, blockchain has gone a long way from where it began.

With over 25 years of history, the video game industry is one of the most lucrative internet-powered industries. Nevertheless, they are being manipulated from the pressure of improving player retention, power of distributors and high irrecoverable costs of players.

In opposition to traditional games, in-game items of Blockchain Games are in the form of NFTs, which enables gamers to monetize their time and effort. Meanwhile, in traditional games, these assets, for the most part, flow into the wallets of the publishers. Also, gamers often receive anything in return, but fun experiences. Based on the scarcity and thus value, NFT assets in blockchain games could be appraised to the level of a fortune. In-game assets such as trading cards in Gods Unchained are recently sold up to 35 ETH each- means of $6,992! (01 ETH is equal to $199.76 at the writing time)

Thanks to DApp.com, we have the overview of DApps on some well-known blockchain:


As in the chart, there are 752 games on blockchain, which is 22% of the total dApps. Only the Gambling category in which there are more dApps than Game category.

Tomo Games on TomoChain

Since TomoChain is still a new blockchain, there are not many dApp games on this. 


TomoChain even hosted a hackathon to gather all game developers. This fun and exciting event ended up in presenting many Tomo Games to the world.

1. TomoBird

Similar to the once-famous Flappy Bird game, welcome TomoBird! It was built by the Token Start team based on the TomoChain platform. The ticket for each turn is 0.1 TOMO. For every 20 winning points, you will receive a reward corresponding to 0.1 TOMO. Every 200 points are 1 TOMO. The game is highly entertaining and with veteran players of Flappy Bird, it is possible to earn a lot of TOMO from Tomobird.

TomoBird gameplay


2. Number Hunt

Number Hunt is a realtime battle game versus real players. The mission is to hunt the numbers as fast as you can to become the winner. The winner will take the opponent's money.

Number Hunt gameplay


3. Crypto Pet

Crypto Pet has two features: economical and pet. Users can save their money by adopting, raising pets (through buying food for a pet by Tomocoin). There are two points you need to remember if you want your pets to grow perfectly: feed duration and pet balance. Feed duration is a measure to detect shape of your pets while the size of the pet is determined by the remaining balance of pet. Feed duration will be increased if your pets are fed regularly. Last but not least, you can still withdraw your money in pet whenever you need.


4. Tomo Building

In Tomo Building, you can purchase your own Tomo apartment or own the whole building for more rewards! Every time someone purchases the price is increased by 1.5x

When somebody purchases your apartment you automatically receive 85% of what they paid meaning you will receive nearly 2x profit. Also if you own an apartment and someone else apartment gets sold you earn a 2% commission. If you own the building you get 10% commission on every sale.


Where to play Tomo Game?

1. Wallet

There are many wallets that support TomoChain, such as TomoWallet, Metamask, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, AToken, etc. 

You can play Tomo Game easily in those wallets.


2. Google Extension

There are also some Google Chrome extensions that help you access your TOMO account, such as Metamask, Pantograph.

Searching for the one that suits you here and enjoys!

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