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pantograph on firefox

Pantograph is now live on Firefox!

By Phuc Duong | Tomo Lover | 20 Mar 2020

Hooray! But hold on! What the heck is Pantograph?

Is it.... ?


Hmm... It looks legit.

But this Pantograph is different!

What is Pantograph?

Pantograph exists as an extension wallet, which facilitates the power of the remarkable TomoChain Blockchain.

The app enables you to experience the decentralized network spectacularly right on your favorite browser, without establishing a full node on TomoChain.

Pantograph is the first extension that designed exclusively for TomoChain.

And now it's live on Firefox!


Try Pantograph now!

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Phuc Duong
Phuc Duong

New cryptoer

Tomo Lover
Tomo Lover

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