Non-Tech Vacancies at Chainlink, Stellar and Others

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 27 Jul 2020

A number of leading blockchain-based projects including Chainlink and Stellar are currently listing vacancies for remote workers.

So regardless of your geographical location, if you're looking for a role in Marketing, Operations or Sales (or simply just curious!) it's certainly worth taking a look at the opportunities on offer.

In this article we will be looking specifically at Non-tech to Less-tech roles such as Sales and Marketing - please see my other post for Engineering vacancies.

Brief overview of the vacancies are included below but for full details click on the individual link to be taken to the project's relevant job page.


"We are a fully distributed team and have the tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment."

Head of Product Marketing: "In this Technical Product Marketing role, you will oversee the successful launch and continued marketing of Chainlink’s suite of industry-leading products. You will work across the entire product lifecycle; from shaping the product, to driving launch efforts, to furthering the adoption of key blockchain technology. This is a career-defining opportunity to help produce and market a revolutionary technology."

Head of Developer Relations: "Chainlink is an open-sourced developer-focused blockchain technology. As such, DevRel is a highly visible and critical function. In the Head of Developer Relations role, you will lead the Devrel team to connect with, inspire, and educate developers about the power of blockchain smart contracts. This is a full-time position, but we are open to considering part-time candidates in unique situations."

Head of Growth: "In this critical Head of Growth role building Chainlink, you will strategize, launch, and oversee key marketing initiatives to accelerate the growth of the Chainlink user base and ecosystem. You will own funnel growth, applying both your out-of-the-box creativity and detailed execution skills to drive user adoption and engagement on a global scale. You will be collaborating closely with the design, product, integration, and leadership teams to drive key business results. Your work will be extremely visible across the organization."

Head of Communications: "As the Head of Communications, you'll have the opportunity to oversee all initiatives for advancing Chainlink networks, communities, and the broader ecosystem. You'll lead global brand marketing and creative strategies for all external communications including the website, PR, blog, research, social media, analyst relations, conference management, speaking appearances, and more. You will be behind Chainlink's public brand and work directly with our CMO and executive team to strategize, design, and execute the communications strategy for our product globally."

Chainlink Community Lead (South East Asia): "As the Community Lead of South East Asia, you will be an integral part of the marketing team. You will oversee the Chainlink brand, community, events, and media across the SEA region. You’ll be an essential force for developing a strong community passionate about connected smart contracts. You will become known as a respected figure within both the Chainlink community and the greater blockchain industry."

Director of Business Development and Global Sales: "You will work directly with our CEO and CMO to own the scaling of our sales team and help grow the adoption of Chainlink's leading blockchain technology across DeFi, decentralized insurance, blockchain gaming, and other decentralized application verticals. You'll also work directly with global enterprises, data providers, and government offices looking to adopt Chainlink."

Business Development, Chainlink: "As a part of the Business Development team, you will have the opportunity to spearhead the next stage of growth for Chainlink. You'll be working closely with the Global Head of Business Development, marketing team, and integration team to ensure the successful integration of Chainlink across multiple industry verticals. You will be joining the business development team, driving the lead generation, and outreach efforts at SmartContact. You will have the opportunity to interact with high profile users and customers to coordinate and secure business. This role has a high degree of responsibility, and you will be the first point of contact for people looking to power their projects and smart contracts with real-world data and events."

Marketing Director - Chainlink Ecosystem: "As the Ecosystem Marketing Director, you will oversee the relationship and co-marketing activities with the 200+ companies and projects in the Chainlink ecosystem. Ecosystem members include top enterprises (Google, Oracle), major blockchains (Ethereum, Polkadot, Conflux, Tezos), leading Dapps (Synthetix, Aave), and more. You will collaborate internally across the marketing, product, and integration teams, as well as build external relationships with 3rd parties and partners to build a thriving Chainlink ecosystem."

Developer Evangelist, Chainlink: "In this role, you will have an opportunity to shape and lead the Chainlink Developer Evangelist program. You'll be creating and maintaining a suite of mixed-media tools and guides crafted for a dynamic and growing community of developers. Through highly technical written and spoken content, you will drive the growth of not just your personal brand, but also the Chainlink brand as an unrivaled developer resource. Incorporating elements of education, development, and evangelism, you will simultaneously inhabit a variety of roles in your effort to showcase the unique benefits of Chainlink in decentralized applications."

Technical Chainlink Writer (Global) - *this one may require more technical know-how than the other roles - : "With your writing, you will be the voice of Chainlink and lead efforts to support the development and awareness of the network and ecosystem. You will play a key part in scaling the Chainlink network by reaching tens of thousands of readers with your content. You will be the technical voice of the marketing team. Creating deeply technical pieces that engage and influence our developers."

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Chainlink: "You will be our first dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist leading recruiting for highly critical roles to grow the Chainlink team. You will build relationships with our Head of Engineering, CMO, and CEO to understand the team’s needs and leverage your connections and expertise from working in blockchain space to find great technical talent. You will oversee all sourcing, screening, interviewing, and candidate experience. You will also work closely with our Head of People on internal company-wide planning and initiatives related to team growth. This role has a lot of opportunity for growth as we continue to scale our team, you'll have a big impact throughout the company."




*Roles are possibly not worldwide as states, "Open to considering remote candidates in the US & Canada."

Enterprise Account Manager ($85,000 to $115,000 Annually): "In this role, you'll be at the center of the Stellar business community, engaging and supporting the global network of Stellar enterprises. Your ultimate goal is to support these enterprises in successfully launching and growing their products on Stellar. You’ll do this by building a strong relationship with each company, understanding their individual business and providing specialized strategic guidance on how they can best utilize the Stellar blockchain and the broader ecosystem. Most importantly, you will be supporting SDF’s mission of creating equitable access to the global financial system."

Sr. Director, Business Development ($85,000 to $110,000 Annually): "You will: Source, qualify, and close large transformational global partnerships that add value to the entire ecosystem. Serve as an internal leader to drive initiatives and advocate for partners. Work with management to craft the Foundation’s strategy to ramp up meaningful transactions on the Stellar network. Work with the grants, community and marketing teams to support the launch and execution of new programs and initiatives for engaging with our global partners. Propose new ways in which the Foundation can provide systemic support and opportunities for the ecosystem of companies building on Stellar. Represent the Foundation at select conferences and events throughout the world.


Product Manager: "You will: Own the full product cycle for a part of the Celo stack: from ideation through to launch and ongoing performance analysis. Own the relationship with developers for your part of the stack, from building awareness and driving adoption through to supporting established users. Work with user experience research team to identify stakeholder needs. Turn user stories into product requirements
Work closely with design and engineering teams to develop solutions that deliver delightful user experiences and that provide maximum value to protocol stakeholders. Own the product roadmap and manage the product backlog. Work with engineering, scrum masters, and experience to define OKRs, priorities, timelines, and milestones. Align and motivate the cross-functional team to deliver best-in-class user experiences on time. Help create and deliver technical content for the community such as documentation, tutorials, presentations, and workshops. Encourage and celebrate diversity in the communities you build."


Manager, Content Strategy: Job Duties entail "Write and/or oversee writing of educational long-form SEO-driving content. Conceive, storyboard, and write educational in-app tutorials. Manage and direct external writing vendors doing the script-writing and storyboarding for Coinbase Earn campaigns. Social media content associated with retail product initiatives. Lead the editorial calendar process for all retail initiatives across products and channels, including blog, tutorials, social media launches, etc."

NOTE: Older similar vacancies posted on the website containing the Coinbase job include content writers wanted at Gemini, Bakkt, Polymath, Bison Trails and OKEx - still show as open for applications.


Graphic Designer - Social media: "You will be expected to: Work on social media banners, campaign imagery across multiple social media platforms, video content, PPT and general design work across visual assets. Work closely with the marketing team to create and execute winning ideas and campaigns. Be familiar with fintech and understand the feel and aesthetic of trusted financial products. Share your ideas and skills with the marketing team and manager to ensure the best results for each campaign created. Produce content to be posted on different social networks that will increase traffic and will be appealing for target audiences. Create content specifically tailored to the channel being used for the communication."



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