Grayscale to Run a Crypto Ad on CNBC, MSNBC and FOX Next Week

By Tomadachi | Tomadachi | 8 Aug 2020

Barry Silbert, the CEO of Grayscale, has signalled the launch of a new advertising campaign for cryptocurrencies which will be shown on mainstream TV channels CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, and FOX Business starting next week.

While there is no hint as to what the advertisement(s) will contain, eagle-eyed Twitter followers have picked up on the phonetical content of Silbert's message and focused on the word "brrring" to deduce the Fed's money printer will feature at some point.


Choice of Brrrr

Fans of the meme will no doubt be anticipating in which form it will appear...

Institutional to Public Interest

As posted by Danyakot on Publish0x, Grayscale have already attracted significant investment from heavy hitters in the institutional world and only recently raised $1 billion in investments into their portfolio of crypto funds in just eleven days .

However, the new advertisement campaign appears to be targeting main street investors rather than wall street.

While some Twitter followers were less than optimistic following the perceived failure of Grayscale's previous advertisement campaign which tried to lure gold bugs into crypto, the general reaction was positive.




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