Looking into SPACE Token. An actually rare hidden gem.

Gem Alert: SPACE Token

By TokEnthusiast | TokEnthusiast | 1 Jun 2021



For my first ever post, I'd like to start things out with some positive news and share to everyone a token I consider to have great potential

Now here's a token that I've had to look into for a bit due to its sudden rise despite having a humble airdrop and introduction. I've given this token special attention due to its security and unlikelihood of being another rugpull because of its close partnership and affiliation with the well-established cryptocurrency faucet website, DutchyCorp.

As an avid collector of tokens, I've witnessed more rugpulls in the token ecosystem than there are gems. I'd have to say that based on my experience, that out of 100 tokens introduced, almost only 1 or 2 of those are actually legitimate and that chance doesn't include its potential to actually move you ever so closer to your dream Lambo. In the current cryptocurrency culture riddled with hopes, scams, memes, and anonymity, all we can really rely on nowadays are the "promises" of the devs that they're not gonna nickle and dime us out of our coins; THATS HOW BAD THE RUGPULL ISSUES ARE TODAY.

Luckily and based on my research and experience, I stumbled upon SPACE, although not a very unique name for a token, it may as well have acquired the right to use its name.



First and foremost, I'd like to attribute SPACE, to faucets.

Since the dawn of cryptocurrencies, faucets have played a large role in the mass adoption and spread of cryptocurrency. Way back then, even 1 BTC that is worth 35,000$+ today was wantonly given away for free thru faucets. Excluding the big exchanges that exists today, the closest means for everyday and ordinary people to acquire coins and engage in the cryptocurrency world is through faucets. If each and every cryptocurrencies are separate planets and galaxies, then only by traveling through space can we get to each and every one of them. In fact, you can't really say that a cryptocurrency has "legitimized" itself if it's not being distributed in a faucet site.

Due to the SPACE token's affiliation with DutchyCorp, I've ended up attributing them to be one and the same. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency wouldn't be possible without allowing the general public to freely access it. And what's the best way to make sure that people securely ADOPT and HOLD a cryptocurrency? By faucets. Don't believe me? Then show me a recently introduced token that, upon initiating an airdrop or a pre-sale, was not affected by pump & dumpers or airdrop dumpers. Even SPACE was not immune from this but due to its security brought by its affiliation with DutchyCorp, they stopped a catastrophe on time and is now steadily recovering and thriving despite how volatile the market is today.

There is an assurance that SPACE won't be a rugpull as it's tied with DutchyCorp. If SPACE were to end up being a scam, then it would ultimately be at the expense of the hard-earned credibility and reputation of DutchyCorp. Unlike other new tokens that are merely fueled by promises and hype, SPACE HAS A BACKING! It may not be as big as being backed by Binance or other highly established entities, but it is nevertheless backed by DutchyCorp, a faucet website that a significant portion of the cryptocurrency community has engaged with for years.


Looking into SPACE Token's potential

For better understanding, "Final Autoclaim" refers to DutchyCorp's main feature in their website.



Analyzing the Tokenomics and Roadmap, it can be concluded that SPACE's success is closely tied with DutchyCorp's success. This means, that if people actively engage with DutchyCorp's services and business, then SPACE will continue to improve and grow. Hodlers no longer have to rely on waiting patiently for others to buy big bags of SPACE to increase its price because people can actually do things to help SPACE continue to grow. And as a reminder, DutchyCorp is ALREADY a well-established faucet site, so even more people will certainly engage in its services and business.

Looking into the benefits of holding SPACE and participating in its Liquidity Pool, users of DutchyCorp are given large multipliers in the faucets, offerwalls, shortlinks, and other earning methods in DutchyCorp's site. Such users are given special benefits in the faucet site that would maximize their gains in that site. By Hodling SPACE and engaging in the Liquidity Pool, users are not only given an opportunity to become early adopters of a legit token, but also the opportunity to earn more cryptocurrency through the faucet.

Have you noticed where I'm going with this? At the price it currently has, SPACE is giving its hodlers the chance to significantly EARN MORE in a faucet website. It's allowing users to obtain a head start in an already stable and strong community. A community that continues to grow bigger due to how easily accessible and immediately rewarding it is. The community I'm talking about is the Cryptocurrency Faucet Community.

This is a community that existed since the early stages of cryptocurrency and it still exists to this day. As I've said earlier, faucets are what helped shape the culture of cryptocurrency and its by far the EASIEST means of getting into it. And if SPACE prevails in securing its presence in such a community, then it has the potential of becoming more than just a token in the Binance Smart Chain.

Also a friendly reminder, the contact address of SPACE Token for the BSC is 0x9d9affac2175ef541642035ab66f5fe7df813851Don't accidentally mistake it for any other token that is named SPACE.


If you want to know more about SPACE, especially its plans and tokenomics which I consciously did not include too much in this article, click on the image below to visit the website:


Do your own research, as I've done mine. How SPACE would go about would be best for you to discover yourself. I'm only saying that I'm certain this is a gem, and it's definitely a rare one at that.


If I convinced you of SPACE's potential and want to HODL some ASAP, click the image below for immediate access in Pancake Swap:



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