Passive airdrops & subscription mining!

Passive airdrops & subscription mining!

By Kris | Tokenswim | 19 Dec 2019



Doing bounty and airdrops takes a lot of time. Tokenswim is offering the world's first blockchain-based automated airdrop subscription service, giving users an alternative way of getting early stakes of tokens from projects all over the world. All history of subscriptions and transactions are publicly stored on the blockchain. A monthly distribution report will be issued on the Tokenswim platform after every scheduled airdrop period. Each period is starting the first day of every month. Tokenswim is re-distributing its airdrop referral bonus and bounty profits to the subscribers of our airdrop subscription service. User sends Ether (ETH) to a specific contract that keeps track of all the active subscriptions. When a subscription is purchased, users will be eligible to receive airdrops from the next airdrop period. Each period starts on the first day of each calendar month. The first airdrop starts on January 1st, 2020.

How to opt in for automated airdrops!

1. An Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask (chrome-plugin) or Trust Wallet (mobile devices) is needed.

2. Visit and select the duration of your subscription.

3. Enjoy passive airdrops and mine TKS!




How does TKS mining work?

Tokenswim is introducing a concept called “subscription mining”, where users passively mine tokens by having an active subscription. TKS can be mined by purchasing an active subscription of the Tokenswim airdrop subscription service. Mined TKS will be sent to subscribers wallet after each airdrop period. The amount of mined tokens will be depending on the amount of active subscribers.

Example: If 500 subscribers have opted in for the first airdrop period, 0.21 TKS will be distributed to each address.

The mining reward is cut in half after every 6th month. A total of 1260 TKS will be mined, 30% of the total supply. Staking function for increased rewards will be released after the sixth period. The first airdrop period is starting January 1st, 2020. Read more about the project and TKS in the whitepaper:



Hurry up!

A halving is happening every sixth month, meaning that the rewards of TKS are cut in half. Early adopters becomes whales!



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