A revolutionary Blockchain platform towards a new job environment based on Smart Working

By ZC Crypto | token | 23 May 2020

The traditional job market presents inefficiencies that limit the competitiveness of companies and organizations in modern society. Even if recent worldwide evolutions highlighted the importance of smart working, there is a mismatch between the opportunities that technology offers and the commonly adopted hiring and working procedures and mechanisms in the current world economy.    

The Sensitrust project aims to integrate sophisticated Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create a smart working platform where customers and professionals can safely interact and make deals.

Sensitrust will help people to establish and grow a professional network, to easily find providers of products and services of interest, or to design single activities and complex projects that will be realized by a decentralized team of experts. Moreover, early professionals will have the opportunity to collaborate with well-established professionals and acquire skill points when they work on real activities.

All the activities performed in the platform will be regulated by Smart Contracts: agreements, quality and temporal constraints, checkpoints and multiple revisions will be governed, in a decentralized, immutable and certified manner.

The Sensitrust platform will provide new mechanisms to facilitate smart working, and allow the development of products and services by means of the definition of a decentralized team. The platform will provide innovative safety measures and regulations based on smart contracts to provide a secure and effective environment for the development of complex projects.

Sensitrust will support three main scenarios, namely the possibility to hire professionals from a catalog, the participation to an activity as a professional and the so-called “Call to action”, that is an innovative way to build a decentralized team to implement complex projects.

The AI engine, in addition to the customer and a set of external reviewers, will provide a feedback on the quality of the work performed by professionals. After the work is approved, the professional will receive the agreed compensation.

SETS Token

SETS is the Sensitrust token that will be seamlessly integrated into the platform and allow users to access the platform services at a discounted price, such as:

  • Access to more qualified professionals (as a customer)
  • Access to more job opportunities (as professional)
  • Advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts
  • Stronger guarantees on products and services
  • Access to in-platform training material
  • Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages)

Once the platform is launched, the token value considered to buy in-platform services will be the market price. For this reason, purchasing tokens during the pre-sale gives the unique opportunity to benefit of a value appreciation right after the token sale. Moreover, participants to the ICO will benefit from the exclusive advantages, including the early access to the platform functionalities and the free access to premium features during the initial stages of the platform launch.

SETS Tokens can be currently purchased through the official platform website: https://www.sensitrust.io at a discounted price of 0.05€ /SETS.

The price will be 0.08€/SETS during the public sale.

Sensitrust will present its exciting project at the BlockConf Digital event! Join us at the conference and don’t miss the chance to directly talk with the co-founders!


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/sensitrust

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sensitrust/

Telegram: https://t.me/sensitrust

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfoeg0zp-BE_0TktRlnYgPw


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