$500 CRYPTO GIVEAWAY - Free ZEN, Streak Bonus

By TogaTechCrypto | FunEarnings | 18 Mar 2021

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What is ZEN?

ZEN, a top-100 coin by market cap, is having a $500 giveaway. This cryptocurrency is well established with strong technology and a good price of $50 per ZEN. 

How to participate?

To participate, you need to sign up with the link at the top of this article. After that, you should claim at least once through the faucet, which has instant withdrawal at no minimum. Although this step is optional, claiming first is highly recommended and will increase your chances at winning in the $500 giveaway.

Claim ZEN

After you claim, you should see a banner at the side, describing a $500 giveaway. Click the "ENTER NOW!" button after you have claimed once.

$500 Giveaway

Rewards Distribution

1st place: $100 USD in ZEN (1 person can win)
2nd-3rd place: $50 USD in ZEN each (2 people can win)
4th-7th Place: $25 USD in ZEN each (4 people can win)
8th-17th Place: $20 USD in Horizen Store credit (10 people can win)

Actions To Increase Chances

The #1 way to increase your chances is to come and claim daily. The daily claims will give you some cryptocurrency immediately as well as a higher chance to win some of the $500. Additionally, you can earn a streak bonus from claiming multiple days in a row:

Daily Bonus

There are other ways to earn even more, like connecting social media accounts, or holding more ZEN in your withdrawal wallet.

Social Media Bonus

HODL Bonus

Brave Browser

The more actions you complete, the higher your faucet earnings will be, and the higher your chances will be for the $500 giveaway.

Besides claiming, there are a few actions on the giveaway page that you can complete:

Giveaway Actions

I recommend completing as many of these actions as possible to increase your chances in the giveaway.


To enter the $500 giveaway and increase your chances to win, you should try to claim as many days as possible and complete as many actions as possible. Good luck!

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