$200 CRYPTO GIVEAWAY - Play Crypto Games, Claim Daily, Earn ZCASH DOGE DAI and more!

By TogaTechCrypto | FunEarnings | 18 Mar 2021

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My favorite cryptocurrency earnings site, where you can earn $30/week playing games, claiming daily, receiving free airdrops, using powerups, and more, is holding a free giveaway of $200 in cryptocurrency!

For my full review on the site and how you can earn with the games, please see this article.

Before Entering

To enter this giveaway, first sign up with the link at the top of this article. It is absolutely vital to participate in the site first before you enter the giveaway, otherwise your chances will be significantly lowered because they do not want to give the money to inactive members. Once you sign up, navigate to the "Daily Rewards" tab and make sure to claim at least once to increase your chances of the giveaway.


Claiming is under the daily rewards tab. You can claim all three cryptocurrencies at once. The ZEC is sent instantly directly to your wallet at no minimum or fee. 


Make sure to claim regularly to increase your chances and unlock the streak bonus.

Streak Bonus

Every seven days of the streak, you can have a free bonus spin worth up to $5 and receive a multiplier increase.


Additionally, you should link social media accounts to earn more in claims and increase your chances for the giveaway.

Social Media Bonus

Finally, you should play some of the games, which pay up to $30 per week. These games are fun to play. To learn more about these games and how to play them, please see this article.



Entering the Giveaway

Once you have spent some time on the site playing the games, claiming, and linking your accounts, you should now be ready to enter the giveaway and have a high chance of winning. Go back to the home page, scroll to the bottom, and click the enter giveaway button.

Enter Giveaway

Rewards Distribution

1st Place: $100 USD
2nd Place: $25 USD
3rd Place: $25 USD
4th Place: $25 USD
5th Place: $25 USD

Increase Chances

Besides participating in the site through the above recommendations, there is a list of items you can complete to further increase your chances of winning.

Complete Tasks

I recommend completing as many of these actions as possible to increase your chances at winning.


To enter the $200 giveaway and increase your chances to win, you should try to claim as many days as possible, play games as much as possible, and complete as many actions as possible. Good luck!

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