Shiba Inu: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

By StarkMatan | Toddler Hodler | 15 Sep 2021

Since the Doge fever there was a period of time know as "Shit-Coin Era". During that time, seemingly every week a new coin was created, shilled everywhere, pumped and ultimately - dumped. It's not the first time this happened, and most surely, not the last time. When a true bull-run is happening, euphoria is taking over rationality. A lot of new buyers are entering the space and there is always someone who is looking to take advantage of them.


There are a lot of ways of shilling. But you most probably have seen such examples, post about new coin are all over twitter, 9gag, telegram groups, etc. Some C-level celebrity will make a post about it and that's all it takes, really. FOMO is a strong power.



One of those new coins was Shiba Inu Coin, and I never really pressured myself to learn anything about it until today. I always assumed it was one of those pumped and dumped schemes, being labeled as a "Doge Killer" wasn't helping either. Nodoby nowadays is talking about HOGE or Cummies, but there are still people who believe in SHIBA, even though, as you can see frome the graph above, the "dump" already happened and the price went down hard. Why then? Well, that's the question I've asked myself and decided to find out, if there anything to this project other than cute logo? Is the team still working on it during this uncertain period in the market? Is there even an actual team behind it? And to my suprise, the answer to all those qustions is YES!




To my suprise, Shiba Inu is actually part of a larger eco-system, which has it's own DEX, where you can provide liquidity, swap tokens, and collect rewards for staking and pooling. History shows that coins that are used in defi are destined to grow:


Take this pick with a gran of salt, but you get the idea.


NFTs are booming, even when the market is all red. And Shiba Inu creators are working on it's own NFT marketplace. While it's still early to tell if they are going to succeed in doing so - it's still promising.



The purpose of this article is not to make you buy some SHIBA INU tokens, far from that. But rather to encourage you to do your own research and to think for yourself, is this a meme token that will die out or a sleeping opportunity you don't want to miss( especially that 50 USD can get you several millions of it now). What do you think?


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