Bullish News: Fidelity Has Bought A Bitcoin Stake (20 milion USD)

By StarkMatan | Toddler Hodler | 6 Aug 2021




It's an american financial corporation, providing services for investors. One of the most popular form of investement in this platform is index funds, where the funds (in simple words) are following the market - buying and selling every firm stock or utility listed in this index, so the performance is not dependent on one company, but the market situation as whole. In even more simple words, imagine you have bought one chicken - now you will worry that this chicken might becoma sick, eaten by wolves, etc. BUT, if you buy, say, 10 chickens, you don't have to worry of loosing one, you'll still have 9 more.



If you have a lot of knowledge of crypto you can use DEFI, and a lot of really complicated functions - lending, margin trading, futures, etc. But if you just want to by some and HODl, you can go to one of Central Exchanges, like Binance and don't worry about keys, blockchain and all that geek stuff ;) Same with stocks, there are a lot of professional tools and platforms you can use, but if you just want to invest in something, relatively safe - index funds are for you. That's why a lot of older, or more responsible people, are investing using index funds, and a lot(over 35 million people) of those smart folks are using FIDELITY.


And now, Bitcoin will be available in these index funds, all those folks will be investing in crypto, and it will be handled for them. IMHO, this is a HUGE step for mass adoption. What do you think?


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