Stock Picks of the day. 28.8.2019

By PaulDavids | Today's stock tips | 28 Aug 2019


Stock Picks Wednesday 29.8.19


Today I am looking at two stocks Tiffany & Co and Coty Inc


Tiffany & Co (TIF)


My main pick of the day:

TIF has been steadily moving down and is expected to drop further to around 81.10 however that is in the future. Today there is the earnings report for the second quarter. Expected to be negative so keep an eye on either the Tiffany & Co website or Yahoo finance. If the earnings report is positive then I will consider trading if the pre-market numbers are -2.5% plus.


Coty Inc (COTY)

My backup pick of the day:

COTY has been moving down but today’s earnings are expected to be good. This will be a quick in and out counter trend trade if it does happen.

If pre-market is above 2% then it will be a 10% trade. If pre-market is below 1% then it will be a leave. There is another if coming. If the earnings report is negative I will be selling/shorting this stock again looking at -2%+ premarket .

As usual I will keep the blog updated as things change.


See guys I am actually starting to do all the work for you! Let me get a few more results with Etoro and I might start linking to my profile so you guys can copy trade me.


I have decided that I am going to stick with Etoro for the moment. I am having too many problems with my bank to deposit with XTB and once I have deposited it is more difficult to withdraw. It seems Etoro’s deposit and withdrawal system is easier for Chinese banks. A couple of down sides to Etoro the whole not opening the instrument on time because of volatility is just pure BS. Yes, I know it is to protect the new traders from getting caught out but there should be an opt in button for that!

Second a minor annoyance I can’t change how I see things very easily. Customization of Etoro is almost non existent. There are very few options. Defiantly my number one thing is my platform is stuck in Chinese configuration meaning that gains are in red and loses are in green which for me is little confusing as red is bad and green is good in our culture. So I see red then my brain starts to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo then I release oh yeah RED is good! I am sure I will get used to it.


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Today's stock tips
Today's stock tips

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