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By Immanuel Somto | TOCHI blog | 23 Nov 2020




UniLend Finance is dedicated to improving the DeFi space by offering financial services like spot trading, lending, borrowing and similar functionalities. To improve these services, the following partnerships have been procured by UniLend with other DeFi platforms.

Bluzelle and Unilend Join Hands to form a DeFi Partnership.

UniLend decides to partner with Bluzelle Oracles, in order to ensure that the $BLZ Tokens are widely adopted by the masses.

There's a great chance that you must have heard of UniLend. It is a permission-less decentralized protocol that offers users the functionalities as seen in money markets, as well as spot trading services by using smart contracts. When it comes to money market features that everyone can jump onto it without stress, not minding where they reside, UniLend seems to be at the forefront. Other DeFi apps that are in line with the money market system built their infrastructure based on what was already created by UniLend.

UniLend will be amongst the first DeFi platforms that will adopt the upcoming Bluzelle Oracles. This will go a long way to ensure that lending and borrowing of ERC20 $BLZ tokens are possible.

UniLend partners with Chainlink

When it comes to transparency, it seems that UniLend is ahead of its pack. It has partnered with Chainlink to offer on-chain verifiable randomness to those that want to be involved with public sale lottery. This will go a long way to ensure that the process is fair and transparent.

UniLend finance partners with oropocket 

Two DeFi giants decided to partner with each other to offer their users, the intriguing benefits in their platforms. Oropocket decided to partner with UniLend to allow users have access to the lending, borrowing and money market functionalities that the latter offers, while the former brings in a league of real traditional assets like gold and silver.


Why UniLend partnered with Oropocket?


Tokenisation of real world assets

Currently, the assets and commodity markets are worth trillion of dollars that the DeFi can take a large share of. One reason that DeFi is still lagging behind is because of the illiquidity, high volatility and advanced nature of the DeFi market scene. This is why the Open Finance protocol is needed. It allows the real world assets to be tokenized so that they can easily be traded around the globe.

Open Finance intends to add more assets in the future like exchange traded funds, stocks, bonds and the likes.


Instant Trade without the need of exchange

The coming of Open Finance will lead to assets being exchanged without the risks of counterparty or price change. Here, users trade directly with the smart contracts instead of exchanges or smart contracts that may be delayed.

Instant very low cost loans

Open Finance protocol is dedicated to ensuring that collateralized loans will be gotten at an astronomically low interest rate, which is unseen anywhere else. This permits people to have their bets hedged.

Earn yield on real world assets

Users can earn interest on the everyday assets seen in the real world like silver and gold. Instead of merely keeping these assets with you and not earning any returns, this changes the ballgame entirely.  Users can stake their assets as collateral, while gaining interests from them.

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