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UniLend Partnerships with Mirror Protocol, Injective Protocol and Nord Finance

By Immanuel Somto | TOCHI blog | 2 Feb 2021

UniLend is known in the DeFi world, as a permission-less decentralized protocol which offers users incredible financial services like borrowing, lending money market and spot trading functionalities. This is done without the need for a custodian via smart contracts. The lenders are rewarded with interests, while the borrowers are expected to pay a designated fee, which is the interest. Users can get involved in spot trading of the different pairs listed on the UniLend ecosystem. When it comes to a financial market that has the perks of the conventional without the users having to deal with the drawbacks, UniLend is there. The platform also makes it easy for digital asset to be listed without stress. 



How UniLend Partnered With Nord Finance

On the other hand, Nord Finance is a DeFi project that's focused on offering DeFi products to users. The Ethereum ecosystem supports Nord Finance, and it can work on multiple chains. Nord Finance offer its users Swap features, Advisory functionality, Savings, Loans, as well as Futures.  

The partnership between Nord Finance and UniLend Finance will change the world of decentralized financing, as there are new and innovative functionalities coming out. 

Users will be able to leverage customized robo-advisory services to the optimal aspect because of the partnership.


DeFi users will be able to have access to numerous investment strategies because of the partnership. 

The partnership will offer their users access to innovative trade opportunities that will handle the volatility problem that the decentralized financing world is currently facing. 


UniLend Partners with Mirror Protocol

As a decentralized finance platform, Mirror Protocol has been involved in creating synthetic assets called mAssets or Mirrored Assets. This platform is hosted on Terra network and works via the smart contracts. 

The mAssets follow the way real-life assets behave, thereby offering traders access to real-time prices. The traders do not have to deal with real-life assets or trade them before they can have access to this. 

The partnership between Mirror Protocol and UniLend will allow mAssets to be incorporated to UniLend. Since mAssets are not as volatile as crypto assets, it means that the over-collateralization ratio that borrowers are forced to pay are lessened compared to what borrowers of crypto assets that are highly volatile have to pay. 

Another perk is the improvement of capital efficiency. 


UniLend Partners With Injective Protocol

This partnership between both DeFi projects will permit users to easily have access to yield farm on UniLend via the usage of the derivative products seen on Injective.

With this partnership, users can easily access the lending, borrowing, spot trading and money market functionalities of UniLend and pair them with the derivative products that Injective offers. 



UniLend will continue to partner with other leaders in the decentralized financing world, in a bid to churn out innovative DeFi products. The partnership that UniLend has with Mirror Protocol, Injective Protocol and Nord Finance will change the face of DeFi and the financial world, at large. 

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