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The blockchain is considered one of the revolutionary breakout tech of the modern times, it is a digital ledger utilized in recording details of transactions or basically anything of value. Despite this ingenious piece having only a few years in operations, its popularity has grown quite massively, this reflects on the pace at which it is gaining adoption and mainstream into various industries of the world. 


For instance, the introduction of the blockchain into the financial system has facilitated the overhauling of several centralized intermediaries or institutions masquerading and ripping ignorant users off their funds, with a more efficient financial approach called defi where users are allowed to control and manage their funds without hassle in the most transparent and decentralized manner. Who knew the technology industry was cooking something groundbreaking behind the scenes all these years?


Meanwhile, the blockchain has successfully found its way into the gaming industry after years of experimenting, it has completely changed the narrative for gamers all around the world, usually, people engage in online games for relaxation,leisure, to catch up with friends, to blow off steam from work or chores and several other personal reasons, however, the introduction of blockchain makes gaming more flexible, efficient, transparent and above all, completely decentralized. This implies that there will be no go-to person or group as regards to a gamers choice and decisions regarding gaming,it will create an opportunity for users to have control and properly manage their participation in the industry. well, hang on, we are about to delve into the good part of today's discussion.




We have already ascertained that defi is an experimental form of finance that doesn't depend on intermediaries to function and is based on the blockchain technology while utilizing digital tokens which comes in handy for executing borderless transactions, now the question is, is it possible to incorporate this financial approach into the gaming industry? well, the answer is a big YES. DeFi gamified is the core objective, SEASCAPE is the vehicle to drive it.




SEASCAPE network is a state of the art gaming platform engineered with the best technological tools around non fungible tokens and the economies of decentralized finance, it is a gaming substrate that is powered by binance smart chain BSC, the blockchain infrastructure behind the largest crypto exchange, binance.


Seascape is an inventive gaming ecosystem based on substrate and Etherum and powered by a unique cryptocurrency called crowns (cws), it aims at facilitating the smooth migration of users into the vast world of blockchain games and decentralized finance by eliminating the restrictions and gamifying defi. While blockchain games is experiencing massive adoption round the world, seascape intends to further expand its ecosystem by developing a range of interesting games on the binance smart chain which will reward participants for contributing to the network's liquidity and general development.




Blockchain based Structure 


Seascape network is totally powered by blockchain technology, precisely, Etherum and Binance smartchain, the rationale behind this development is to leverage the framework of these blockchain powerhouses to attain optimum performance, with eth and bsc, seascape will be able to attain scalability, offer cost effective services, achieve high throughput and transaction finality in terms of trading of assets within the seascape ecosystem.


Game Chain 


While other networks place some restrictions on games developed on their platform, the seascape network in a bid to increase adoption has created an opportunity for games developed on the network to leverage the networks design and develop their personal unique blockchain solutions which will operate on their own terms and rules without interruptions.


Innovative Cross-chain Bridge 


Interoperability is another area where the seascape network is setting the standards, for most game platforms, it is hard for most assets on the platform to communicate or move from its original chain to other chains, that is different is seascape as game assets here are ingeniously linked to other heavyweight blockchain networks of the modern time like algorand, an open source and permissionless blockchain network that facilitates development of dapps.


User-based Game Store And Liquidity Mining 


A game store is developed for gamers to purchase, trade and exchange game assets in a completely decentralized manner, also liquidity mining is enabled on the substrate such that any user within the ecosystem can engage in pos validation and earn a fee, active participants are eligible to game passes while developers are not charged any fee.




 The seascape network has successfully created an inventive gaming solution known as Profit circus,it is the most recent game of the seascape platform designed with more realistic features, modified interface and improved user experience. Unlike blocklords, this game type works quite differently and is audited from time.


Profit circus creates an opportunity for holders of cws(seascape native token) to optimize their earnings through staking. Below is a quick guide on his to leverage your crowns for more earning through profit circus game solution.


  • Log in to either Uniswap(eth based tokens) or bakerswap(binance smartchain), stake your crowns tokens and obtain LPs.
  • Pledge the tokens (LPs) you obtained from staking your crowns.
  • Check your wallet for free NFt and more crowns as reward.

It is pertinent to point out that the seascape network proposes to introduce more games to subscribers including Staking Salon and NFT brawl, also, Polkadot blockchain infrastructure is a prospective network which will be integrated into seascape in the future to leverage its high throughput, finality, fastness and scalable design in transactions on chain.




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