EPNS: The ethereum push notification service in a nutshell

By Immanuel Somto | TOCHI blog | 19 Aug 2021

EPNS is revolutionizing the way things are done in the blockchain world. Its utility tokens are called PUSH, and they are created to offer incentives to different community members. The token is also used to enjoy the incredible features available in the EPNS ecosystem.

With the EPNS utility token, the community functions effectively, as they are used as both incentives and penalty means. For the ecosystem to continuously blossom, the token is necessary, and it will push the drive of the ecosystem to become the web3 notification standard.


Community Members In EPNS

Different community members fall into the different categories, and they carry out several roles.

 Service Providers

Those that fall under this category are protocols and decentralized apps that want to easily send notifications to their users. It is expected that these people will be third party vendors, as well as direct protocols such as CryptoKitties and so on. They can create a better user experience for their varying users.

Decentralized finance projects will enjoy from this service, as they can easily alert their users about changes in their space in real time. DeFi users need to access rapid access to information to make rational decisions. 



For the users, they are those who want to access notifications that could allow them to make good decisions. If a person wants to be updated on what is going on in the space, they can use this to their advantage. Those that want to service, they can easily get involved in EPNS.

The use cases of this platform are numerous and will be altered as time goes on to encompass more. They can be connected to their favorite mobile apps in real time to know what is happening. They can also be linked to notifications from their user wallets like Metamask.


Wallets / Infra Services

EPNS is also designed for wallets and infra services that want to enjoy its services. They can build their innovations on the protocol and enjoy the incredible services that it offers. Those wallets that build on this protocol can have their users enjoying peak user experience, as the latter can receive notifications. Mobile apps, user wallets, and even web browsers can integrate this protocol into their architecture to enjoy these functionalities. 


Token Holders

For the token holders, they can easily enjoy by being able to vote on proposals and pitch on changes that could occur. Those that hold the token can also fall into any of the categories above.

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