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By Immanuel Somto | TOCHI blog | 6 Feb 2021

The introduction of technology into the financial system has totally revolutionized transactions and payment methods around the world, there is more freedom and user control as regards to fund management. One of the most notable breakout technologies of the modern times is the blockchain infrastructure, a digital ledger for recording and executing transactions in a completely decentralized manner.


The blockchain technology ushered in a new financial system called DeFi (decentralized finance). This is an experimental financial approach that is not dependent on centralized financial mediators including brokerages, exchanges, banks and so on but is based solely on smart contracts embedded within the blockchain. This approach has simplified transactions for all users especially by integrating digital tokens called cryptocurrencies.


Over the years, various projects and Dapps have been introduced in the DeFi industry to create more dynamics and opportunities for DeFi subscribers to optimize their time, funds and participation in the industry, however, EASYFI.NETWORK proffers the quickest and yet easiest approach to reach optimum financial satisfaction.



EasyFi is a universal layer2 lending protocol designed specifically to facilitate decentralized finance and is focused on scalability and adoption. Easyfi network is designed as an open network infrastructure that can operate on public networks to facilitate end to end lending and borrowing of digital assets and other related financial products.

Already, there seems to be an issue with Etherum, which is possibly the most popular blockchain infrastructure in the DeFi space, the Eth2.0 network is usually clogged up and struggle with high transaction cost, scalability and slow block confirmation, these and many more have become a bottleneck to DeFi operations and delayed mainstream adoption.


Anyway, if there is a possibility for decentralized finance system to reach optimum development and wide scale adoption, there is need to create products that eliminates the constraints of Eth2.0 in transactions, moreso, users needs to be proffered more opportunities to explore the vast world of DeFi beyond just making payments. This is why EASYFI, there are various products and services on the network created to help users explore decentralized finance.



Unlike other DeFi protocols, where one needs to be technical in order to keep up or have good platform experience, the EasyFi network proffers a completely gas-free meta transactions embedded on the network and enabled by its partner DeFi projects.


The network also offers a simplified token farming mechanism to its users. Tokens are farmed merely by interacting with the protocol and farmed tokens are allocated to users on daily basis, however, the amount of tokens allocated to each user is directly proportional to his interaction contribution to the protocol.


EASYFI is built on the matic blockchain infrastructure, and to make things more interesting, the matic network offers an opportunity for EasyFi subscribers to apart from farming easy tokens, to farm matic tokens as well by pledging or staking their farmed easy tokens on the matic infrastructure.


End to end borrowing and lending of digital assets, enablement of micro loans for average DeFi users to access for medical emergencies, consolidating small businesses, as well as under-collaterized loans to boost adoption of and users confidence in decentralized lending.


Built on the matic structure which utilizes an adapted plasma version, EasyFi leverage this to proffer the full perks of layer2 solutions as regards to speed and cost effectiveness, as well as to address real time credit demands with required supply of capital to boost mainstream adoption.



EASYFI is not a regular DeFi project, it is designed not only to solve the problems of slow block confirmation, speed and scalability laxities of Eth2.0 but also to unravel various innovative products and services through which users can benefit optimally from the decentralized finance industry.


There is a lot to be done, and a lot more to be explored in DeFi, from loans, yield farming, fast and cost effective transactions, and an unbeatable user experience, all are much easier and beneficial with EasyFi network.

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