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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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Earning crypto online, the ins and outs

       When covid 19 hit, like most of the world I found myself with the rare gift of time. With this gift, and the confines of my own house at times came boredom. In this boredom I rediscovered Bitcoin and crypto, something I barely scratched the surface of in early 2018. As I educated myself, like can so often happen, I became obsessed. I wanted to invest, and was ready to go all in. The problem though, you need money to invest. That lead to a common search in my browser history....How can I earn free crypto? I quickly discovered that there were many answers to this question. Some answers, well, they just sucked. Others were interesting, but tedious. In my research I can't tell you how many hours were wasted on sites that lead to nothing, or at least they lead to payouts of $.000000001 BTC, or basically nothing. But there were a few outliers that seemed interesting and could possibly lead to some real crypto payouts.

       In the end, I discovered several websites that actually pay you real cryptocurrency for completing certain tasks or playing games. The biggest factor of these websites is that they reward you for loyalty, the more you play or interact with the website, the more potential you have to earn different cryptos. One thing I have discovered is one word in all this that I now view as a "dirty" word, and that word is survey. I am sure some of the readers of this post have come across survey sites. They can truly be among the most frustrating in the whole online internet world. Luckily there a couple of them that if you play your cards right, you can actually create a small nest egg of crypto. I am going to talk about three crypto earning sites today and give you the good, the bad and the truth. Yes, the truth, I will be 100% honest with you on what I discovered and what is needed to be successful.


First and foremost let me say I am forever grateful to the Bucksify platform. For almost 20 months I was the number one user in the world on this website. In that time I earned more than $5,200 in various cryptos. At the time I discovered this site, we were 2 months into the pandemic and as mentioned, I was losing my mind with boredom. I attempted my first survey in early June of 2020 and was not impressed. It was tedious and after a few minutes I got booted with no reward. I did however notice on the site that you got an hourly bonus, and when you have more time than you could ever imagine this can be an interesting thing. A faucet that will constantly give me a payout? No matter how small....hmmm. I decided to talk to other users, and one in particular, gave me a few key suggestions. He told me that the companies that are on the site are notorious for being very picky when and if they pay. He taught me some strategies that I took to a whole other level.

       The absolute key to Bucksify and any other survey site is consistency. You MUST answer all questions consistently. Once you begin to vary on your answers you set off all kinds of alarms to the paying platform. They protect themselves in every way possible. You will be cut off, blocked, shut down and simply lose access to that site. The easiest way is to be honest about your profile; ie are you married, single, have children are employed, etc.. To earn, you must live with being cut out of surveys. You will get enough that reward you, but to do that you will go through many that won't. Usually, thankfully, the survey will boot you early on, though sometimes you may finish one and not get rewarded. But you will go through streaks where you do get rewards, and with Bucksify, to make the top 10 is not really that hard, and when you do, you get extra rewards. this is where the site can become lucrative. By consistently hitting that leaderboard, the extra coins begin to add up. If you are in the USA or at least a first world country, you will get more opportunities, and thus have a chance for more rewards.

       The other big component to Bucksify is the offer walls. There are some great deals that are very easy to complete. The mobile games are generally not worth it, in order to earn the full amount (which is usually split amongst various task levels, the harder ones usually requiring an investment from you) you have to play for ridiculous amounts of time and generally put in a few bucks. But there are many offers from online gambling sites where you invest $30 and get a reward of $50. The numbers vary, but the reward is generally more than you put in. You are generally expected to gamble your money, but in several cases I bet my money and earned even more. There is obvious risk here, but with the added Bucksify bonuses, because the gambling sites give you massive amounts of payouts and you WILL usually be the winner on the leaderboard when you try these offers, it works out quite well. In closing, Bucksify pays out, and is worth your taking a view. I will NOT add my referral link, because truth be told, I am no longer active on the site. That is only due to my lack of time, so if you have time on your side, check it out.


       Ok, so you are trying to earn crypto online....are you going to get rich? No. BUT if you grind, there are rewards out there. Cointiply is a grind. First of all, they have a faucet you can spin every hour. It pays a small amount, but over time it does add up. This site also has the dreaded surveys, though some do pay very well. It also has games you can try to achieve ridiculous levels on that are a complete waste of time. But Cointiply does have a pretty good PTC video site where you are paid to "watch" videos. I use quotes because most of the time I just run the video while watching hockey games. With these PTC ads and the hourly faucet you would be surprised how quickly your earnings can add up. On top of all that, once you reach 35,000 coins ($3.50 in Bitcoin), you can begin earning interest on your coins. Again, you won't get rich, but over time, it adds up. 

       To date I have withdrawn about $340 from Cointiply and most of that was just grinding out faucets and ads. I averaged about 12 minutes a day on the site to achieve this. One major warning I have against Cointiply is that it has a "multiplier" game on it where you can gamble coins. This is almost certainly a losing proposition and I would urge you at all costs to run from this feature. You will lose out in the end, I promise. There are other features including NFTs that you can mint and battle with, as well as quests that allow you to earn more. The quests are very helpful in getting ahead, but I have not explored the NFT side of it all. I do think Cointiply is worth investigating, and for the grinders out there, you will earn Bitcoin over time (also, you can withdraw other coins as well).


       The word "grind" sums up exactly what is needed in order to be successful at Rollercoin. This site is about the long haul. It has been around for over 4 years and users who get it, get rewarded. I have been on this site for 2.5 years, but it took about 9 months before I really got it. The idea behind this site is that they are enabling you to virtually mine various crypto without paying for any electricity. As you play games, and complete tasks you have the opportunity to buy miners of varying power that will work for you all the long as you log on at least once a day and play a game. The games last anywhere from 20 to 50 seconds, and you have to play at least 1 game every 24 hours to maintain whatever mining power you have earned. The more games you play, the more mining power you earn, but games will only get you so far.

       I was once ridiculed by a website reviewer in Bucksify chat for even mentioning Rollercoin. "It's a 4 year ROI", she screamed through the chat. That WAS the case a few years back, but Rollercoin has adapted and actually allows better rewards and miners early on that allow users to progress. Some users invest their own cryptocurrencies into the game in order to buy miners and move up the ladder of rank. Currently I am ranked 94th and I earn about $16 a day in cryptocurrency. I split these earnings between Rollertoken, the native token of this website, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The Rollertoken allows me to continue investing in the game and move up to stronger earnings. I get that in many cases it is a long ROI, but I am in this for the long haul. Right now I am just obsessed with collecting as many Satoshi (which combined add up to a Bitcoin) and Ether (which combined add to an Ethereum) as I can.

        Rollercoin, overall, is actually a pretty fun site. The games are relatively simple and setting up your room (where you position your miners) and earning various bonuses can be satisfying. The number one user in the world is a beast who earns an exceptional amount of money, but I am aiming at him. I am light years away, but my competitive nature pushes me forward. To date I have put in some crypto, most of which was earned on Bucksify, but most of what I have done is grind it out, complete every task and even surveys on the site, in order to buy miners when I can. The introduction of "the marketplace" was genius for the site and allows for opportunities to get some miners at much cheaper prices. I got very lucky, and so could you, catching some miners being put up for sale by noobies who don't get the value of what they own, or are desperate for the Tokens and want to buy something else. I hate to be cheesey, ever but I will include a link to Rollercoin, that if you use it, it will give you a small start in Satoshi. I am also including a link to the site that walks you through the basics. Rollercojn has an awesome community and some great potential for future fun. My link, the YouTube video for the basics. The video link . Have fun earning!!


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