Getting a passive income with CryptoTab browser?

Getting a passive income with CryptoTab browser?

You can easy earn and mine bitcoins simply by using the world's first browser with a mining feature. More than 10 million users across the world already earning with the "CryptoTab browser "You can surf the internet and mine bitcoin at the same time. I spend time listening to my favorite podcast or reading the news while using it. 

So start today with create a mining network by inviting friends and users who will in-turn invite friends and users, and so on. You would earn from the mining activities from your invited users, as well as from the mining activities from those they invite. At the moment, your mining network can be 10 levels deep. That means if you invite 1 person, who invites 1 person who invites 1 person and so on (don't get confused), you would earn even from the 10th person downline (who you may not even know). 

Here is the rewards table:

  • 1st circle of friends - 15%
  • 2nd circle of friends - 10%
  • 3rd circle of friends - 5%
  • 4th circle of friends - 3%
  • 5th circle of friends - 2%
  • 6th circle of friends - 1%
  • 7th circle of friends - 0.5%
  • 8th circle of friends - 0.25%
  • 9th circle of friends - 0.125%
  • 10th circle of friends - 0.0625%

It is easy to get started: 

  1. Follow this link and install "CryptoTab browser "or copy and paste this in your web browser: Download and install.
  2. Turn on your mining power and set it anywhere from "off" to "max" Do this by clicking on the CryptoTab icon on the taskbar. You will see the mining settings where you can increase the mining power.
  3. Share your personal link to your social media accounts to get people to join your network
  4. You and other members of your network should use CryptoTab browser when you surf the net.
  5. The mining reward you get in bitcoin depends on how often your surf with the CryptoTab as well as your mining network. 




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To make your own money machine.

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