What altcoins under a 50M market cap do I recommend in August 2020?

By TMod_Marco | TMod_Marco | 15 Aug 2020

Last month, I answered the question : ‘’Which cryptocurrencies outside of top 50 will move to the top 20 by mid-2020?’’.

I mainly covered high marketcap altcoins in this post, as these are the most likely to hit the top 20. However, there’s plenty of amazing opportunities <$50M at the moment.

Looking at my own portfolio, recent research and current market environment I am interested in (or I’m already holding) the following altcoins/projects:

  • LTO Network (LTO)
    You can read my full project review at: Marco Van den Heuvel's answer to What is LTO Network?

    LTO has a $19.5M market cap and trades on Binance and various other exchanges. LTO Network is a top 25 blockchain in terms of transactions and has been generating revenue for quite a while now. Their products and services are used my major partners such as the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure. LTO is a great pick and the tokens can be used by token holders to run a node or lease LTO to existing nodes to help support the network and receive rewards.


  • Effect AI (EFX)
    You can read my full project review at: Marco Van den Heuvel's answer to What is Effect.Ai (EFX/NFX)?

    EFX has a $9.2M market cap and trades on Bidex and Newdex (Decentralized exchange offering alts vs EOS pairs). Effect AI has various working products, generates revenue, has tons of exciting things coming up and still has to do buybacks of their token.


  • TrustSwap (SWAP)
    You can read my full project review at: Marco Van den Heuvel's answer to What is TrustSwap (SWAP)?

    I recently wrote about TrustSwap, the night after finding the project. I immediately became a huge fan and I’m looking forward to their product launch next month. I believe that their business concept can become massive and I’m still anticipating higher highs for SWAP. The upcoming week SWAP will have 4 exchange announcements, the whitepaper release, various interviews (incl. Ivan on Tech and Altcoin Buzz) and all kinds of marketing activities.

    SWAP seems to have found its ‘fair price’ for now at about $0.5-0.6. Due to a recent announcement there was another 'pump' this morning. I sold my position and will buy SWAP back around $0.5 (if this hits again).


  • GET Protocol (GET)
    I have yet to write a review on GET, but I’m looking to do so sometime soon.

    I’ve met various of their team members the past year and I’ve followed GET Protocol ever since. Their smart ticketing solution is amazing and has been used at (or will be used at) hundreds of events already. GUTS Tickets has sold over 450,000 tickets to over 210,000 people already! Meaning there are 210,000 wallet holders who used blockchain technology but haven’t experienced any difficulties or downsides by doing so. In fact, events decide how and for how much tickets are (re)sold and there is no way around that. No more scams or hoarding tickets to ruin other people’s experiences.

    GET has a $7.3M market cap and trades on Coinone, Hotbit and Idex.


(Watch the GET introduction video here)

Now, there are various other altcoins <$50M that are interesting to look at (MTA, PRE, GHOST, DUSK, DEC and various other projects). However, I’m not describing these more detailed in this post as a) I’m involved with Presearch and refrain from speculating on the token & b) I haven’t done full research to the other projects yet and therefore don’t want to blindly recommend them.

Always do your own research. If you’re not sure what to look at, then perhaps read through my project reviews and see what things I look at when I consider a project for my portfolio. If this post has helped you, then please make sure to ‘upvote’ the post & feel free to follow me!

This post is for informative purposes only, I’m not a financial advisor and I currently have a position in LTO, EFX, PRE. I am not planning to change these positions within the next 48 hours. I have not been paid for this post, this post is out of personal interest.

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