Graphic showing wrong and right way to upload driver's license photo to BlueVine for PPP Application

SOLVED: Can't Upload License Documents to PPP Application on BlueVine

POV: You've finally gotten to literally the last step of your BlueVine PPP Application and now – seemingly without reason – you can't upload your driver's license documents.

That's right. Everything else went relatively smoothly but now the 'Done' box is greyed out and won't let you click it.

What gives?

Turns out it can be a number of reasons, but you don't know this because the error message that would tell you is not showing up!



To see the error message, you may need to switch browsers (to Chrome for instance).

Once you've retried your upload you could get one of many errors:

  • Your image is too small.
  • Your license is skewed. (Meaning you need to retake the photo holding the camera directly over the license)
  • The license is too close. (And you need to hold the camera further away from the license)
  • Your file is too large*
  • Your file isn't in an allowable format*

* I'm assuming an error message would show up for these errors. They're not errors I came across myself.

Now that you've found out what's wrong with your upload you can correct it and try again.


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