web3 gaming progress update - October 23 2022

This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.


So I hit Silver 1 finally and I am starting to get proper rewards for won battles, which means I should be able to get more than 5 boxes per day.  Today IO have received the 5 boxes and there was only SPS in there nothing worth mentioning. 


I finally have some time to put all the required plants in the ground :) The worst part is that I do not have enough seeds for the next week but I will solve this problem later.

b9717c626d324025e3369a5bfa281fd484d4f1207d3150176ff86881d0c2aa8d.png dCity

I managed to buy 500 SIM today, which with daily incode should give me around 700. The biggest plus of this purchase is that my SIM is greater than SIM Power so I will start gaining power again. However, I need to find some resources to allow me to buy and populate some cards so I can also go up in the rankings to start getting more hive power day.  I think I will try to buy a school with scientists every week to boost my education as this is the closes ranking I have to allow myself to gain more HIVE.

Rising Star

I have a nice 20k earnings this week. I think it does include a few mission run on Monday but who cares :) Today's withdrawal just moved me to 14% of the end goal, which is the StarPro Millionaire badge.

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The Crypto, the Games and the Money
The Crypto, the Games and the Money

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