a very boring day acros almostall of my web3 games with actifit report on May 30 2023

This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.


Today's focus was nothing to be proud of, 7 boxes with 2 cards and a nonexisting amount of SPS.


I have dropped to the #100 but I still have a few not harvested crops and crops to sell so I hope to reach a good position at the end of the season. I will as well take out some CROP and I will try to invest it into more cards.


I am gathering my funds for the parking and I suppose I should be able to buy it around the day after tomorrow.

Rising Star

A very boring story of level, level, level and raves is happening here. I am trying to get the 100 level I still need to gain 11 and it is taking a very long time. On the other hand, I am taking part in Raves and I got 0.005 for my second one. I have also started to consider getting some VIP passes to boost my earning.


I do have the TV commercial mission, but this is the only one I can play so I have no other choice. I am also trying to keep my lesson up to date so I will have more ability than ego.

Golem Overlord

Getting enough PARTs to upgrade my power to 15 levels is a very long process. I need around 101 PARTs for that task and I only manage to get around 30 per day, which is not great.


I have managed to push my Favour up to 142, which is around 10+ in a day which is great. For now, I do continue my 3 stack approach, that is to burn SCRAPs for Favour, save it in the secondary account and put 1/3 into the diesel pool. I hope that soon my pool will be an additional source of SCRAP income as well.

I have also started attacking my top robbers so at least they know that I should not be attacked. I will see how good a deterrent it is.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

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The Crypto, the Games and the Money

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