Bitconnect (Scam) Back !! Be Careful ..

By NeonNexus | tinplho/cryptointerest | 27 Jun 2019

"BitConnect IS BAAAAACK": the Godzilla of the scam is back


Scam promised, scam due: as well as unidentified individuals, hidden behind a site that came out of nowhere, announced a few weeks ago, the Bitconnect amphetamine scam is ready for a season 2!

On the program: a fat Ponzi so much assumed that it would become almost funny if the subject was not so serious and did not cause so many victims.


Time loop


It's like the Bitconnect scam never happened. That the project did not end up being the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time. That the victims had not lost hundreds of millions of dollars after the system exploded in soft noise in January 2018. That the FBI had not been forced to set up an online questionnaire in an attempt to identify the countless victims.

No, we let a few weeks pass, we count on the average hydrocephalus of a significant part of the population and with the same rancid recipe we propose a new tour... and it works!

It was reported about 1 month ago: after a long lethargy, the official scam website had just come alive with a "Will be back soon", with an apocalypse counter, which seemed to designate July as the date chosen for a return to business. They said it, and unfortunately it's even a little early that they did it!


You can't change the absence of a winning team!


The website was lively a few hours ago, and the least we can say is that it does not bother with unnecessary details or clarifications about the "project". Indeed, apart from a mysterious author using the pseudonym Gilgamesh (Sumerian divinity of the underworld, you are warned), no team, no information other than that allowing potential prey to swing their ETH, BTC in exchange for hypothetical BC2 Tokens presented as generating 10% dividends. A literal copied/pasted from the previous schema, with the excess in addition:

"Bitconnect2.0 is a transparent Ponzi scheme that cannot be closed, scammed or manipulated in any way. BitConnect 2.0 will be here forever! "Medium Ticket presenting Bitconnect 2


The worst? It still works!


Whoever was ambushed behind the project, it seems that they did not consider it useful to pretend to launch a clean blockchain or even to push the technical and commercial argument beyond "send the dough!". Indeed, it is a smart contract Ethereum all that is most basic that is used to supposedly recover the token (and just as supposedly must ensure the distribution of dividends).

At the time of writing, it is thus in less than 5 hours, more than 250 ETH that have already joined the cemetery of intelligent investments (not to mention a transaction of 330 additional ETH still in pending ), for a total of over 180,000 dollars at the current rate....


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