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By Musicfairynj | Tina Patterson | 14 Jul 2019

  Well I decided to make this post, since I have read and seen so many words about this.  But yet I notice that so many people havent really made a true post about this.  I love this site and the project is truly amazing.  Its a great way to get your words out there and also to be ablt to make some #crypto while writing about the things you love.  So I love to write about food, reviews on things as well as DIY things.  Theres also many movies and concerts that I like to review also.  Now with this site you can tip and the tips come out of a general fund.  This dosent come out of your funds at all.  But yet I can see some of my posts as well as others that have posts here.  There are sometimes posts that receive upwards of 50 & up likes or views but yet the tipping doesnt match.  Which is the reason I dont understand why the tipping does not match.  I mean I am not complaining on the few tips I have received.  But if the tipping is free why not just do it?  But I dont know, I know this site is new still.  I do expect great things for this and will continue to do my posts.  I enjoy writing and sharing things with people and being able to give them new information.

  But this was just a little thing I hadnt quite understood since the tipping is free.  Im sure that everyone here just like me is enjoying this site and I just wanted to end this in saying.  No its not required to tip, but it is a nice thing to do considering all the hardwork we all do as publishers here to bring you new and exciting information or just some random recipes, reviews or entertainment information. But I hope you all enjoy your wonderful day and keep on enjoying the site.  Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

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Tina Patterson
Tina Patterson

This is where I will share many recipes that I have done. I will also be sharing things like reviews of movies, technology etc. Also would like to share some random things such as New Age info. I hope you enjoy everything that you may read and as always

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