Terrence McKenna tries Quest Pro VR Headset

By Cameronomnia | TIME IS ART | 3 Feb 2023




Terrence McKenna was always interested in the latest developments in technology, especially those that promised to expand our understanding of the world and ourselves. So, when he heard about the Quest Pro headset, a virtual reality headset that promised to offer a truly immersive experience, he couldn't resist trying it out.








As he put on the headset, he was transported to a stunningly realistic virtual world, with incredible sights and sounds that he had never experienced before. As he explored this new world, he couldn't help but think about the implications of this technology.








"This is amazing," he thought to himself, "but it's also a little scary. What if this virtual world were controlled by a single corporation or government? What if they used it to manipulate and control us?"








He remembered his lectures and books, where he talked about the importance of decentralization and the dangers of concentrating power and resources in the hands of the few. He believed that a sufficiently advanced virtual world should be decentralized and not owned by any corporate conglomerate.








"This technology has the potential to be truly liberating, but it could also be used to enslave us," he thought. "We need to be vigilant and ensure that these virtual worlds are not controlled by a single entity, but are instead open and accessible to all."








As he took off the headset, Terrence realized that the future of virtual reality was not just about the technology, but about the values and principles that would guide its development. He knew that he had to continue advocating for a decentralized and open virtual world, one that would be accessible to all and not controlled by any single entity.








"The future is now," he thought, "and it's up to us to shape it in the way we want it to be."

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