Landshare is Introducing Flipping

By Tikur | TikurCrypto | 5 Oct 2022

What is Landshare?

Landshare is a platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that provides real estate services to its users. Tokenized real estate assets will be provides for users to invest on which in return will receive profits.

It has been few years now for Landshare, and it has managed to successfully provide its services to investors residing in many countries. This platform is very popular because it created an opportunity for people to invest in real world properties stating from $50. 

Landshare has its own native token, $LAND. It has functionalities such as to pay platform fees, to buy NFT properties, staking, and governance. But due to the current bear market, the price has decreased substantially.

Landshare price

Recently, Landshare announced that it will start providing house flipping option for its users.

What is Flipping?

In real estate, Flipping is a term used to describe the process of buying a property, renovating it and selling it for profits. It provide huge return on investment in a short time frame, making it one of the most profitable way of earning in real estate. But investors have to have the knowledge and experience required otherwise might end up in a loss. 

Landshare and Flipping

Landshare is now providing flipping feature on its platform which is a great news to its users. Landshare provides an easy-to-use platform that will minimize the hassle that is involved in flipping houses. Users around the world can simply invest, while Landshare team uses that investment to acquire the houses for these projects, renovate them and sell them for profits. When this process is over, the investors will receive their earnings.

How to Use the Flipping Feature

Using the house flipping feature involves a series of simple steps:

  • Sing-up on the Landshare platform
  • Complete your KYC requirements
  • Choose a property that is available for flipping
  • Evaluate the finances that is involved with the property
  • If the project is right for you, fund your investment
  • Start earning

Landshare has added the house flipping feature for users that are interested in gaining short term profits. This feature and the whole platform really help users gain major advantages when dealing with real estate and flipping:

  • The high initial costs of flipping houses are eradicated. 
  • The knowledge and experience needed for this kind of projects are fulfilled by the Landshare teams.
  • Location barriers are also removed because of the platform's availability world wide. 
  • And much more. 

 This platform and feature has great benefits but you should always remember to do your own research before any investments.



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