A Pixelated Pool Party in the Metaverse

By Thumbs Up | Thumbs Up Finance | 5 Apr 2023



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Hey friends 👋

I have explored a ton of DeFi and web3 protocols, and while I think highly of many of them, there are only a few that I have ever fallen completely head over heels in love with. It takes a unique combination of a great concept, great execution, and a great community to really win my heart.

That's why I love PoolTogether. They have a great concept (DeFi prize savings), great execution (live on multiple chains, small daily and large monthly prizes, delegation, and soon™️ the hypserstructure), and, as I've written before, an amazing community that welcomed me years ago and helped make Thumbs Up Finance what it is today.

Another project I fell in love with right away is Phi, an open and inclusive metaverse land system that is based on universal web3 building blocks, such as ENS domains and wallet activity. The concept is brilliant, and their isometric pixel aesthetic based on the Tilix design system is iconic.

Phi uses a familiar gamification approach to Simcity, Animal Crossing, and Habbo Hotel and collaborates with brands from across web3 and beyond to create quests and reward users with unique NFTs that they can use to decorate their custom Phi Lands.

Their most recent collaboration is incidentally with PoolTogether.

Omikuji PoolPhiesta

In a nod to their team's Japanese roots, it is common for Phi to name campaigns with Japanese words relevant to the particular quest's theme. Inspired by PoolTogether's prize savings protocol, which many affectionately refer to as a no-loss lottery, Phi chose the word Omikuji for this campaign. They explain:

⛩️ Omikuji (おみくじ or 御神籤); similar to PoolTogether’s concept, Omikuji are random fortunes that are written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and temples in Japan. These fortunes are received by making a small offering and randomly choosing one from a box, hoping for good fortune.

From April 3rd to April 17th Phi users can participate in 8 uniques quests to earn Phi Object NFTs with a pool party theme.


There are also a selection of unique PoolTogether themed Phi objects available in the Shop exclusively during the campaign period.


And last but definitely not least there’s a contest with a total of 1000 POOL tokens up for grabs!

TiliX Pixel Art Contest

For the pixel art contest, 10 winners will be chosen by judges consisting of eBoy (the creator of Tilix and Phi’s Pixel Lead), the Phi team, and the PoolTogether team.





Participation Reward

All submissions that meet the Submission Requirements will be able to claim this unique PoolTogether themed Phi Object



  • Submission Period: April 3rd 11:00 UTC ~ April 12th 11:00 UTC
  • Judging Period: April 12th 11:00 UTC ~ April 13th 11:00 UTC
  • Claimable Period: April 13th 11:00 UTC ~ April 17th 11:00 UTC


Submission requirements

  • Theme: Pool Party & Pooly
  • Size: Minimum 1x1, Maximum 2x2

To learn more about Omikuji PoolPhiesta and the Tilix Pixel Art Contest, visit this page.

Jumping In

If you’ve never used Phi, it’s easy to get started, and since the whole thing is built on Polygon PoS Chain, creating your Phi Land and minting your NFTs is inexpensive. You will need at least one ENS domain though.

TIP: It’s dead simple to mint (and customize) ENS domains on Rainbow Wallet. Here’s how.7034737429128385f4214baf3d1128d6fc233086c7bee671f8ba87c34d13ce22.jpg

Once you have an ENS Domain and some MATIC to pay gas, you can probably figure out how to use Phi from the UI alone, but for a detailed walkthrough on getting started, check out this guide from their user docs.

So what do you think? Will you be checking out Phi? Are you going to join in for the PoolPhiesta? Feel free to comment your ens below so others can check out your Phi Land. You can also drop by the PoolTogether discord to chat with the community. See you there!

Until next time 👋
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