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By thranax | thranax | 2 Dec 2022


I introduce MintMe as a crypto project

The world of cryptocurrency has expanded since the birth and introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, when (except for a few believers) we had no idea what it would become, and even now we probably only have a little idea of ​​blockchain technology. and more opportunities for cryptocurrencies.

MintMe started as a project that believed in possibilities so much that it created its own environment, with its own characteristics, with the aim of finding solutions to problems that other blockchains have faced. Over time it became the "people's currency" due to its affordability and profitability. And now, as a token-building platform, it's giving control back to the people, people who didn't have a chance before.

Because MINTME is also a coin that can be easily mined with any device, and unlike other coins, it is not built under a huge monopoly caused by the most professional mining crew that only a few people can afford. Since its inception, MintMe has been at the forefront of paving the way for cryptocurrency to go mainstream through peer-to-peer coin distribution.

How does it work?

MintMe should be seen as a tool that offers a variety of options. One is that it offers an interesting opportunity to cut out the "middle man" because it is decentralized, which means that the MintMe Coin blockchain does not rely on governments printing new currency, but instead tracks the location of coins and precisely secures each currency. trust any government or bank as a third party. Everyone on the network, like you, approves every transaction, not an organization of people telling you what the system does and doesn't do.

Therefore, based on this reality, for MintMe as a token creation platform, the statement is the same: "People own their future." MintMe as a platform allows people to create tokens for almost any type of context and any type of project. Once created and placed on the blockchain, the 10 million tokens will become your monetization, no matter what you want to do with them.


On MintMe, you can trade tokens just like any other trading platform, but with the special feature that it is designed to be used as a crowdfunding system where token creators can share content, spread news, inform their community about new developments, communicate and exchange.

In short, there are two main ways to become a MintMe user.

1) You can be a token creator
2) You can be a token trader

Now that you know better what MintMe is, I want to invite you to join not a project, but a vision and an idea with the potential to live and make the most of it. One way to get started is to know what it takes to participate – in short, you only need two things to join MintMe, a will and an internet connection. This means almost anyone can get started and I want to help you understand the two basic parts of MintMe: mining and creating a wallet.

MintMe Mining

There are two ways to get MINTME coins. The first and fastest way is to buy directly on the exchange and the second way is mining. is one of the most popular JavaScript mining services. Often when it comes to cryptocurrency, it is too technical for the average person. But CoinIMP gives people a truly free experience with minimal effort. Their platform makes it easy for anyone to sign up and start mining right away. Because CoinIMP is so familiar, anyone can get started without knowing anything about cryptocurrency.

This is one of the main advantages of mining MINTME coins with CoinIMP. All you need to do is visit, fill in the required information, email and password to create your personal account. CoinIMP is a trustworthy platform. You can also increase the security of your account by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). The second step is to visit the control panel page and click on "Start mining".


In addition to being able to mine coins from almost any device connected to the Internet, MintMe Coin is not compatible with botnets because all transactions made on it are public and traceable, a condition that also ensures that any illegal activity cannot be traced.


(MINTME) is a transparent, web-minable blockchain platform designed to support decentralized applications (DApps) where websites can serve as a hardware-independent alternative to secure ERC20 and ERC223 intelligence contracts.


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