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By Djmssr | Thoughts for Discussion | 18 Jul 2019

                Is it better to be profound and well diverse in one skill set, or is it better to obtain just a moderate amount of knowledge in a wide variety of skill sets? With even the most minute of hard skills one theoretically has approximately a fifty to sixty percent chance of success in their chosen professional track. The question being for this week’s topic, is it important to learn and develop extra addition skills sets also known as “soft skills”?


                Although it is commonly known that being proficient in one area of study can indeed give an individual the proper tools to be moderately successful at what ever they are doing, the average person may not be able to follow every individual aspect of certain tasks set out before them. This is where the proper learning and usage of at least three or more softer skills may be of the greatest use. “Hard skills aren’t harder, and soft skills aren’t easier or less important.” (Patterson, 2019). Its great if you know how to complete the job set before you but being able to use even one simple soft skill can help give your work an additional edge against any potential competitors. A good example could be taken from my own area of study. As a design major I am endowed with a hard skill set to design and create anything from a part’s blueprint to a character or level for the latest and greatest video game. Say I have been tasked with designing the layout of a couples newly renovated home. Yes, I could very easily use my expertise to create a great design, but this design may still be somewhat generic and random. Even though the couple could very well find themselves satisfied with the work that has been presented you walk away feeling like it could have been better. The reality in this is that it could have indeed been a lot better. In my profession it is good to satisfy the customers wants and needs, but it can be an ultimately empowering feeling for anyone to not just satisfy but completely surpass expectations and leave the customer uniquely astonished with the look and feel of their new environment.  This is where the development of a variety of soft skills such as extended creativity, or strategic out of the box thinking could make all the difference in the outcome.


The number one soft skill that everyone possesses but sometimes we just don’t know how to completely connect with is intrapersonal awareness. It is vitally important that everyone know themselves and their personal abilities and limitations. This skill alone can help one to deflect any disruptions in their work as well as giving them a better perspective on the areas they may be lacking in. In turn giving them the chance to possibly improve on these areas if they deem it necessary. To sum up the basis of whether or not soft skills can have an important impact on an individual’s day to day life, it can at times be a vital key to true success in any venue.



Patterson, R. (March 25, 2019). “Hard skills vs. Soft Skills: why you need both to succeed,”



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Thoughts for Discussion
Thoughts for Discussion

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