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Hello There, Everyone!

  If you are one of the few that catch and read this, first of all, hello. My name is Oscavio (or is it? e.e) and I just got into cryptocurrency about 3 months ago. I just happened to come across the brave browser and that's what spurred it on, well that and the coinbase website, and their crypto gifts I recieved for just leaning about the various tokens.

  I do love writing and I've been doing it for most of my life, free not professionally and honestly not that amazing at it. I've only ever focused on poetry and fiction, but now I'm trying my hand at articles, here on Pub0x. So if it doesn't seem exemplary enough now you know why. Regardless I know I'll get better with time and persistence so I'm hoping to see everyone more consistently, because I'll be more consistent... Yea >_>

=[ EDIT: Do Tip BUT do 80-20, so you get most, I forget tips are free!]=

  Now since I'm not really reporting on anything or giving you any useful information, don't tip (not like you were, just saying lol) but I would love for you to comment so I can get to know you guys more and what you would like to see here on Pub0x, from me and other Publishers, just recommendations. I'll see it, and maybe others will too! ^¬^

It's just a test to see how connected our Community can be.

So yea, you know, hi! ~

P.s thumbnail be our worldwide community <3 

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I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)

Thoughts, Realizations, and Reality
Thoughts, Realizations, and Reality

Just a blog full of my theories and existential dreads. Comments/Dialog are encouraged, lets figure this out together!

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