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Top Ten To Rearrange: Greatest Simple Invention

2 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments wrabbiter

The importance of the following simple devices are so undermined that we can only appreciate them in their absence. They are unsophisticated, but their importance far surpasses some of the most intricate machines ever built. Which among these is the...

6 Reasons Why Having All the Money in The World is Really a Bad Idea

2 Mar 2021 7 minute read 0 comments wrabbiter

“That's because he has all the money in the world.” We often hear this from people who seem to notice how a very rich man usually always gets what he wants. But of course, they don't really mean it in any literal sense because, in reality, no single...

Top Ten Scariest Mythical Monsters

8 Dec 2020 4 minute read 0 comments wrabbiter

Some people believe them to be real, while others think that they just graze the silver-screen as well as comic-books and novels just for a sole purpose: to scare the s**t out of people. Which do you think among these make-believe monsters is the mos...

Ten Most Controversial Statements of Rodrigo Duterte

2 Dec 2020 7 minute read 0 comments wrabbiter

Time Magazine calls him “The Punisher.” Some people call him “The True Agent of Change.” There are also those who call him as simply the most gruesome “Politician Trash-Talker.” There is no doubt that the reigning president of the Philippines is inde...

Top Ten Greatest NBA Players in History

1 Dec 2020 4 minute read 0 comments wrabbiter

Basketball is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. This makes it inarguable that the ones listed here are among the most popular persons on this planet as well. They dribble, they skid, they shoot, and earn points for winning. But who amo...

Top Ten Greatest Ancient Armies

30 Nov 2020 5 minute read 1 comment wrabbiter

  Okay, Hollywood may have been giving us misleading portrayals about the following warrior groups listed below. But sometime in the past, these mighty, muscle-bound folks actually existed with the reason of conquering, defeating and slaughtering any...

5 Reasons Why Aliens are Dumber Than Humans

28 Nov 2020 6 minute read 1 comment wrabbiter

In pop culture, they are often depicted as far superior to humans in terms of technology, physique, and intellect. But by studying the documented alien abductions and encounters, there are great indications that aliens, most notably “the greys” are a...