Haven X THORChain- Unleashing the power of Private Money

By Cyph3rpunk | THORChain | 31 May 2021


Thorchain(RUNE) is a cross-chain liquidity protocol which allows you to swap assets across chains without any intermediaries or custodians in a decentralized environment.

Thorswap is the first cross-chain liquidity platform which allows users to perform native swaps between different chains.

If you want to learn more about how THORChain works,  read my earlier post.

THORChain Explained

Haven Protocol


Haven Protocol is a Defi ecosystem for private assets which allows users to transfer and exchange assets in a decentralized environment.A fork of Monero(XMR) , Haven renders it transactions to be untraceable by implementing Ring Signatures and uses Proof-of-Work(PoW) as it's consensus algorithm.

Haven aims to serve as an "off-shore bank " for users allowing them to store their assets which cannot be traced.


XHV is the native asset of the Haven Protocol. XHV is used to pay transaction fees , mint synthetic assets and pay rewards to miners.

Haven Protocol xAssets

xAssets are synthetic tokens on Haven which reflect the price action of real-world assets. These assets are not backed by anything and the prices are obtained by decentralized oracles such as Chainlink and Band Protocol which makes it more decentralized and trustless.

xAssets which are currently supported:

  • xUSD
  • xBTC
  • xEUR
  • xGBP
  • xAU
  • xAG
  • xCNY
  • xJPY
  • xCHF
  • xAUD

As the network expands , more synthetic assets will be supported. Users will be able to choose between a variety of cryptocurrencies , stocks and commodities to put their money in.


xUSD - Algorithmic Stablecoin

XUSD is a synthetic asset which is pegged to the US Dollar.It is the main xAsset of the Haven ecosystem. Users can mint xUSD by burning the dollar equivalent of XHV. xUSD can then be used to get other xAssets.

This burning mechanism is what gives xUSD value even though it's not backed by anything.


Haven x Thorchain - A new era for private assets


Users  had to rely on Centralized Exchanges and other swapping services in order to move their assets across chains until THORChain launched the MultiChain Chaosnet(MCCN) in April. This allowed users to swap native assets without any intermediary or custodian thus removing counterparty risk.

Haven being a protocol focused on privacy, it becomes necessary for a decentralized , trustless way for money to get into the ecosystem. THORChain enables this , allowing users to swap native BTC or ETH or any of the assets supported. The upcoming  integration of Haven into the THORChain ecosystem will bring more liquidity to private xAssets and also an easier and decentralized path for new users to get into the Haven ecosystem. It will also make it easier for users to access all the stablecoins that Haven has to offer.

Taking CEXes out of the equation , this integration will bring a new era for private assets which wasn't possible before ,giving users the freedom to seamlessly move money into/out from an ecosystem ensuring security and anonymity.


The Future is multi-chain.  


Join the community.

THORSwap Discord: https://discord.gg/uVuBNtJUTr

Haven Discord: https://discord.gg/8KJCBEgk8r



Edit: I'm very pleased to let you know that this article is now posted on the Official Community Page of Haven Protocol.(link below)

Haven Community View

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THORChain is a decentralized liquidity platform which allows cross-native swaps.

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