The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman…(Episode - 0008)

Shaharajad said, trust in god, father, tonight you make my married with King Shahriar. If I am a good girl, I will survive. And if so, that for fear of the king is not a man flee the country. Wazir blessed her with his hand on her head. God will do you good, mother. In this dilemma, I will remind you that your real identity never gets disturbed.

Shaharajad said, I know very well, father.

Wajri said, have you heard the story of the donkey, bullock and the householder? Then listen to me.


Long ago, a rich herd had lived in a vast fertile crop field, near a river. There was a donkey and a bullock in his farm. One day, after seeing the ballad in the goose, the donkey was eating nicely, after eating a bar of roasted pudding and eating it on the mattress.

All of a day's work is to make an idol, then its holiday. There is no work to do except sleeping.

The donkey's sleep broke in the bull's entry. It is sad to say that your happiness brother. Swearing and sleeping. We do not see such delicious food in the eye.

This time their boss was passing cottage. Standing behind the bull's ears. Balad said that you do not have to eat me like my brother. See how my body dried up on this look. And how fat your body is sleeping in sleeping. Sometimes your boss is roaming around your back, then your holidays all day. And look at me, she presses the yoke on the seventh morning, before evening it's no more.

The donkey was very sad to hear the words of the donkey. Hey, listen, teach you an intellect. Tomorrow morning when they come to take you, you will not get up. But the servant kills too, but you do not want to go easy. But you will not wake up. Then they will think that you have no hesitation. You see, then you will be spared.


To Be Continued

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This is about myself #Introduceyourself
This is about myself #Introduceyourself

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