The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman…(Episode - 0010)

Balad was grateful and said, 'I have lost my life knowing the news. Do not say that I can thank you. I will stand up and talk in the morning. From today I will eat food. I will explain to the master, I am healthy.

The ballad began to eat and eat it. Meanwhile the man stood behind the cowboy and heard everything.
The next morning, the servant came to the goose and took the bull's ass instead of donkey. The ass laughs.

The owner, said his wife, Let's go to the field today. Show you a fun thing.

They come in two fields and sit on one side. The servant began to work with the bullock, the ballad started running faster than the other day when the work started. Seeing it kill the owner. wife did not understand anything, asked, why do you laugh?

Why laughing I can not tell you that If you hear you laugh and laugh.

The wife did not listen to the words and said, "You laugh at me. I've done something that looks like you smile.

The master said, I'm going to my daughter's name, I do not laugh at you. There are other reasons for laughter To say everything from the beginning, I will laugh and laugh. I do not know how old I am. I have been your family for 100 years. Like you are my uncle's daughter, so my wife. You are my mother's daughter. I love you by knowing. When you are in doubt, I will tell you everything. If I break my stomach and die, it's okay. All right, let everyone know, all come. Keeping them witnessed in my property, before I can give all the property, then I will tell you everything.

Then everyone came. After listening to all, everyone tried to convince Bouta. But Baua did not understand at all. Your husband is old, now what will happen if something happens, who will see your son girls.

But wife did not understand anything at all. He said, why do we have to laugh. I will not leave without hearing This is my last word.


To Be Continued

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This is about myself #Introduceyourself

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