The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman…(Episode - 0015)

After the story was complete, Shaharajad saw that morning, he stopped the story. The little sister praised, what is your story.

Shaharajad said it was right, but the real story has not yet started. If you live in the King's favor, then tomorrow I will hear the rest. Fall asleep now.

Duniajad fell asleep. The king thought, the story is very beautiful. The rest will also listen.

After that everyone fell asleep.

When it was awake, it was too late. King made himself to go in court.

Wajiri knew that the girl had been killed this morning as usual, in the morning, the girl And today's is his own daughter. The tears come in the eyes and the eyes are crying. Wazir went to open the decree of killing, not being called king. And bring what's there.

Vizier is thinking surprised. Everything is kind of messing up. But is her daughter still alive?

After completing the court all day, the king returned to his room.

At night, Duniazad said. Sisters start your story.

Shall, but all depends on the king's will. The king smiles. Let's start, I want to listen very much.

Shaharaaz started to say. When the first sheikh saw that she was crying, she said to her servant, keep it aside and take one more.

The giant is surprised when these amazing stories are heard.

The first Sheikh said that my Bibi this Ramtegal was standing beside him. He said, slaughter this calf today, do not see how thick it is. There will be quite meat.


To Be Continued

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This is about myself #Introduceyourself

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