The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman… (Episode - 0005)

The night comes to an end, they go back to Harame again. In this scenario, the soil under the foot of Shahriar was going away. Shahjaman has said, 'Come on brother from this hell, we cut off from this sinister'. I want to go to a country where there is no crime in this world, there is no adultery, cheating, betrayal. Whether we see one more misfortune as we see it once.

Shahjahan's same words. It's a betrayal, it's a lot better to die than to survive in this fraudulent world.

That night they went on the way to the exit of the mansion of the palace? Night and day after night, the night continues. Eventually one day they came to a sea coast. Solitary beaches. They sit in the shade of a nearby bot, and they rest.

It's been an hour. Suddenly there was a glance in the center of the ocean, a smoke conundrum slowly moving towards the sky. Slowly the Smokes coil became a big giant. Seeing the hearts of the two brothers shook. The giant approaches towards the shores of the sea. Seeing no way, two brother sit on the tree bows. The giant started coming towards their tree. Chest was shaking with fear. To get closer, a box appeared in his hand. Came down to the bottom of the tree, he keep the box and sitting down. An iron rectifier was found inside the box. An iron rectifier was found inside the box. Open the Ark. What a surprise. A rare young beauty like an angel in heaven came out from the inside. What is her beauty? The light shines under the tree.

Attracted, for a long time, seeing the giant looking at his youth, Then she complained, "I brought you away on your wedding day. I did not sleep from that day. The desert, I have gone out of the sea with you. I'm very tired of today. My eyes are closing in sleep. Want to sleep a little.

The giant lying on her lap and fell asleep.

Sitting alone, she can see both of Shahjahan's two brothers in the tree branches on the head. The head of the monster drop from her lep and she stood up. They were pointing at them. Said to come down. Said that, the monster's sleep will not break now, you can come down in fearlessly.

From the tree they also said that, God will bless you. But you forgive us. If not, then we will die.

To Be Continued

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