This Blockchain Game Is About To Blow Up In 2022

By Gary Smith | . | 23 Jan 2022

What Is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party has done some pretty crazy things with its relatively small player base. It seems that every NFT Blankos Block Party publishes gets sold out. What is Blankos Block Party? Its a play to earn game which rewards its users with free NFTs for progressing in the game. You can also buy NFTs in the Mythical Marketplace. The NFTs this game offers are Blankos (characters in the game) and accessory to put on your Blanko. It is somewhat similar to popular games like Roblox, Fortnite, and even Fall Guys.

 Success In Sales

A recent Blanko called Box B was sold at a floor price of $100, that NFT alone got 1859 sales! Another Blanko called Sharky B was priced at $299 and completely sold out in just under 30 seconds hitting the mint number cap of 750! These accomplishments and plenty more shows the true potential in this game and what it has to offer for the future.

Where and When to Buy Blankos

Blankos Block Party uploads NFTs very frequently. You can check when NFTs publish and more news about Blankos Block Party here>>
Currently a new Blanko is coming to the shop January 16, 3 PM PST/23:00 called Square. It is made by Michael Lau and is priced at $115 dollars per Blanko (you can buy up to 4 Blankos) and having a mint cap of 1856. If you think Blankos Block Party is worth an investment I would recommend buying this Blanko right when its available to attempt getting a good serial number. So far in my Blankos Block Party investments I made my money triple over the course of around a month and a half. If you make the right moves and stay consistent there is some serious money to be made. Mythical Marketplace here>>

Serial Numbers

Serial numbers on Blankos Block Party NFTs are very valuable. What is a serial number? A serial number identifies when the item was purchased. Example: If I was the first person to buy an NFT from Blankos Block Party, I would have serial number 1. If I was the second person to buy an NFT from Blankos Block Party, I would have serial number 2 and so on. Low serial number NFTs typically more rare and have a much higher value. If you were lucky and get an NFT serial number under 50, you are pretty much guaranteed to at least double your money. If you get a serial number under 10, you 5x the money you put in. 1–3 serial numbers can go for thousands or even millions of dollars.

Blankos Block Party Raises $225 Million Dollars

With all this money rolling in from NFTs, Blankos also has another trick up their sleeve to raise some more money for the production of the game. Blankos Block Party raises $75 million dollars and 4 months later raised $150 million dollars! On top of that according to VentureBeat and many other sources say Blankos Block Party has a valuation of $1.25 billion! The growth this company gained in a short period of time is unreal. The future looks bright!

The Team Behind Blankos

The number of people working for Mythical is a whopping 200+ employees! (Mythical is the company behind Blankos Block Party) The team has a wide range of jobs from coding to making designs for different Blankos and cosmetics. There has even been a teaser that potentially another game is in the works.


Blankos Block Party still has room to grow but so far I think Mythical and its team has crushed it in the NFT gaming space. Blankos Block Party has collaborated with starts like deadmau5, fashion company Burberry, stores like The Marathon Clothing Store, and even acquired metaverse streaming platform PolyStream. I think in time this game will be one of the most popular, if not the most popular blockchain game. I am truly impressed with what Mythical has accomplished and how loyal the fanbase is towards Blankos Block Party. Only time will tell if this game will blow up, but in the mean time ill continue to play and collect their NFTs.

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