Who Should be Counted?

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 2 Feb 2021

In the United States, every ten years there is a census taken to count individuals across the country. The census determines congressional apportionment. The number of House Representatives also determines the number of electoral college votes for each state. Therefore, the census determines who is represented in the Presidential election.

With this in mind, who should be considered in the census calculations? Our government is elected to represent the needs of the United States and its citizens, not of people just passing through or who are here illegally. Therefore, only citizens should be recognized for these seats.

Anyone in the country illegally or visiting for any reason should not be considered for congressional seats. This would be akin to allowing a stranger into your home and letting them set the rules of your household. Other countries would not even consider counting non-citizens for elections. Why do we?

It’s appalling that people who are here illegally would be considered for government representation and especially for deciding votes for the U.S. President. Neither should non-citizens who are here legally be considered for these things.

Our U.S. House of Representatives (and electoral college votes) would look so different if we only considered citizens in these calculations. The only reason that I can see for counting non-citizens is for the corrupt politicians to fudge the numbers.

President Trump was fully aware of this and signed an Executive Order (EO) on July 21, 2020 “Excluding Illegal Aliens From the Apportionment Base Following the 2020 Census”.

Biden was in a huge hurry to undo Trump’s EO. On his first day “acting” as a President, Joe signed an executive to undo President Trump’s July EO. Why is it so important to apportion illegals for representation and electoral college votes? The answer is simple, the corrupt establishment NEEDS to exaggerate their numbers to steal elections.


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