Vaccine Risks to the Unborn?

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 20 May 2021

The other day I saw a commercial where someone was asking people on the street why they took the vaccine. The first person answered that she believed the science and wanted to protect her unborn baby.  

When “science” says that children have almost zero percent chance of getting COVID-19 and the side effects of the vaccine are still unknown, then wouldn't “science” say, not to vaccinate the children, pregnant women, or mothers who are breastfeeding? They don’t know yet if there are short-term or long-term side effects to unborn children. They don’t even know what they are to anyone else yet either (especially long-term).

I saw a note that said there is little risk to the unborn, but then said they have no statistics to prove that. So they are just making a statement to make people think it’s safe without any “science” to prove it.

With the horror stories I’ve heard from some people who have taken the vaccine, I would NOT want to subject an unborn child (or any child) to the possible side effects.

The mortality rate of the Wuhan virus is about .04%. That's 1:2,231. It has also been verified that the numbers have been inflated. Also, when was the last time anyone had the flu? It seems that the flu numbers (along with other unrelated illnesses) have all been wrapped up into the COVID numbers, or is this virus actually just a really bad flu?

What are the odds of dying from COVID-19

Inflated COVID-19 death counts could cause vaccine trepidation

Here is just one of the stories I've heard about the unknown side effects. Short Story of Shawn Skelton

When someone says “I believe the science” and then vaccinates a child or a pregnant woman, do they really believe science, or do they believe the propaganda? Whether it’s the “science” agenda pushed by the politicians and the MSM, or the actual science proving that COVID is not as bad as some want you to believe. Everyone says that the only children at risk are the ones with underlying health conditions.

Even those who are pushing for everyone to get vaccinated are saying there is not enough data to have evidence that there are no side effects to the children. Since the odds of a healthy person dying from COVID-19 and much less healthy children, why would a parent want to risk any possible side effects?

Sadly, some people believe the fear mongers in the mainstream media and socialist-communist politicians over evidence. I hope and pray that there are no side effects to these children. 



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