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By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 12 Dec 2021

People imagine different concepts as to what they want our country to look like.

Trump-supporting patriots want small government where the government gets out of the way and lets people run their lives and make their own decisions. Democrats want more government control and power removed from the people. 

Patriots want law and order and to get back to our great Constitution. We want freedom of speech and the right to defend ourselves. I realize this is a redundant statement, but those are the most important amendments of our Constitution. Because without those two amendments, none of the others matter.

Democrats want to silence dissenting voices. They want to bury the truth and cover up their crimes. What else do the Democrat-Fascists want? Let me show you. Here is a sample one of their cities/states. I would encourage you to watch the video to see it for yourself. 

You can also watch it on Rumble at... LAPD detective issues dire warning amid crime surge. (ACLU-WATCH is the website referred to in the video that shows how the ACLU is helping criminals.)

Here are some of the statements made in this video...

“We cannot guarantee your safety. It is really, really out of control. I said it to people before, it’s like that movie Purge.”

“So, right now, you can literally go out and do whatever you want, commit crimes, and you will be out faster than the officers can finish the report, and that’s a fact.”

"As for the residents of Los Angeles; God help you; I hope you are prepared to defend yourselves should the need arise."

This is utopia for the Democrat-Fascists politicians. But is this how you want to live? They protect the criminals, including murderers and rapists. Meanwhile Representative AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) downplays the crimes and she and her cohorts want a $0 bond for the criminals.

Patriots believe in fair and secure elections. Dems believe in fraudulent elections and bullying. The proof is out there for anyone to see (who is willing).

Patriots want law and order and protection for law-abiding citizens. Dems want to take away our first and second amendment rights. As I said earlier, without the first and second amendments and the rest would disappear. Keep this in mind when you're voting. The more power they have, the closer to this Dem utopia we will get.

Patriots want legal (and vetted) immigration. Democrat-fascists are encouraging an invasion with no resistance. 

Patriots wanted to bring our troops and citizens back safely from Afghanistan. Democrat-fascists brought in unvetted refugees and left weapons and piles of cash for the terrorists while leaving U.S citizens and our allies in Afghanistan. (My article Another Hero! shows proof of some of these claims)

Patriots want to put one's own country first. The Democrat-fascist politicians want to put the USA interests LAST. It has never been more obvious than now. 

Thank you for reading.



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