Philanthropy is Good Right?

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 28 Oct 2021

Philanthropy. Sounds nice right? If the definition is accurate, then it is great. says the “Essential Meaning of philanthropy” is…

“The practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people.”

However, when I hear the word “philanthropist” I cringe because of what I’ve noticed... many of the people who are given this label, donate to causes or create organizations that only give lip service to helping people and communities. While under the surface have the ideology of of a globalist one-world government, socialist agenda. 

George Soros is a great example of this. Many claim that his organization “Open Society” funded the "Black Lives matter" riots that destroyed lives, including many black lives and jobs in the black communities and businesses owned by black people. (It’s hard to get the proof of this as he is well protected by the MSM, big tech, and others. If you missed it yesterday’s article you can see this clip, Fox News hosts chide Newt Gingrich for talking about George Soros.)

Hungary passed a law called the “Stop Soros” law, according to Forbes. This law ”created a new crime, called “promoting and supporting illegal migration,” They further claim that this law bans organizations from helping illegal immigrants. If he didn't support this, then the "Stop Soros" law would not have been necessary or at least would have been given a different name. addresses Soros funding fascists groups. Here is a quote from their article, LIBERALS IN SHOCK AS GEORGE SOROS GETS TRAGIC NEWS! 

“George Soros has been kicked out of multiple countries for fomenting dissent and rebellion through funding these fascist groups."

"He is in short trying to impose a new world order through the backdoor. But ginning up support and paying rioters to carry out demonstrations, he creates the illusion that Trump is unpopular."

Then there is Bill Gates, who believes in population control through vaccines and other means. Hear him say it himself… Bill Gates to DECREASE population via Vaccines. According to’s article, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: What is it and what does it do? Here are a couple of examples of the Gates Foundation donations…

“The foundation is the largest private donor to the World Health Organization (WHO)”

“The Gates foundation was also a founding partner of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance”

In light of Bill Gates attitude about population control through vaccines, I would be concerned about any organization that deals in vaccines with donations from Bill Gates or his organization. And we know the “WHO” lied to us about the COVID outbreak from the beginning and cannot be trusted.

It's also worth noting that many liberal charity organizations know how to name themselves to hide their true mission. This also help them avoid attacks by conservatives and attract donations from people who care about others. Another benefit of these names is to get donations from these “philanthropists” who agree with their liberal/globalist agenda. The problem is, that these organizations don’t live up to their names. 

An example of this would be “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). That organization claims to look out for the rights of black people and the black community. However, if you watch their actions, the opposite is true. I was looking through their website for proof of what I am saying, but quickly decided it wasn’t worth it. I couldn’t stomach all their lies. Also, the biggest evidence was removed after their agenda was exposed before, by quotes from their website.

BLM do still admit to wanting to defund the police. Even though there are a few corrupt police, the majority are hard working people who are trying to protect us. If we reduce their funding or get rid of them completely then we will have lawlessness like in Seattle and Portland. Yes, they have police, but they have been figuratively “castrated“. If the police arrested a violent protestor, he/she was released within hours to go do it again.

The word philanthropy, just like many words these days, the liberals give the opposite meaning. For example, ”fascist“ is used to describe people trying to protect the rights of everyone (like President Trump and his supporters), while the people doing the name calling and attacks are doing the very thing that fascists do. This is the reason for my knee-jerk reaction of distrust of people who are touted as “philanthropists”. Too many of them are actually working to destroy western civilizations and our freedoms. 

Thank you for reading. 



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