Jan 6 vs 9/11

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 4 Feb 2022

Pelosi, Harris, and others have compared the events on January 6th to 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attack. They want you to believe they were on the same scale. Here are some images I found for each of the events. Let's compare them.   

Below are images of 9/11 from 


This image is of the towers before the attack.


This image, and the next five images, are of the twin towers after the terrorists attack








This is the Pentagon after the attacks on 9/11


This image of the twin towers came from

The following two images of Pearl Harbor on 12/7/1941 and the images came from Flickr



Now for the "horrifying" images from January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol


Here's a screenshot from the video Jan 6 Protesters Enter The Capitol With NO Apparent Resistance.


This image is from commons.wikipedia


This is a screenshot from the Daily video.
This man has been ignored by prosecutors.


This screenshot came from from parler-capitol-videos


Here's another screenshot from parler-capitol-videos

Finally a few pics from CNN's The January 6 Capitol riot article



The person sitting down looks fairly relaxed. If it was that bad, wouldn't they all be really tense?



If you want to see more from CNN, click on the link.

As Trump haters, the images in CNN's article must be the worst images they could come up with. 

The 9/11 attacks caused almost 3,000 deaths including at least 200 who jumped out of windows so they wouldn't burn to death. These numbers don't include those who died later from the effects of the toxins in the air after the towers collapsed. On December 7, 1941, it is estimated that the Pearl Harbor attack killed over 2,300 military personnel and 68 civilians.

Comparing those two events to the January 6th event is unconscionable. The majority of protestors on 1/6 were peace-loving people who were upset about the stealing of the 2020 election! There were, however, some Antifa and BLM members disguised as Trump supporters. (There is proof of this in my previous article What Really Happened on 1/6/21?.) 

Democrat-Fascist politicians comparing these events is a purely political move! It's another attempt to make President Trump and his supporters out to be potential terrorists. When cities were burning down and people were being beaten and murdered and businesses destroyed (BLM and Antifa) by leftist "protestors" (rioters), those same politicians were SILENT!

Did things happen on 1/6 at the Capitol that shouldn't have? YES! Should people have broken windows? NO! Did anyone die on that day? Yes, but not who you think. There were four Trump supporters who died that day. There were ZERO law enforcement and ZERO politicians who died that day, or because of this day (unless you include suicides that happened later). 

Here are the police officers that they claim died on that day or later because of Trump supporters. Notice that not one officer died that day. And not one died because of Trump supporters.

  • Brian Sicknick died on 1/7 from a stroke. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes after the riot, medical examiner says.
  • Jeffrey Smith died on 1/15 reported to be from suicide
  • Howard Liebengood on 1/9 reported to be from suicide
  • Billy Evans died on 4/2 when a car rammed into the checkpoint (by Noah Green who was a Louis Farrakhan follower)

Here are the people who actually died on that day (at least two due to police violence)...

  • Ashli Battitt who was shot by a police officer
  • Rosanne Boyland was classified as a "medical emergency, however, it appears she had been beaten to death by a police officer
  • Kevin Greeson was classified as a "medical emergency" 
  • Benjamin Phillips was classified as a "medical emergency" 

Thank you for reading.

If you want to see more images from 9/11 see Defining images from the 9/11 attacks




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