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Is Attacking Hitler Anti-Semetic?

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 27 Oct 2021

Would criticizing Hitler mean you're anti-semitic? Of course not! However, if we use the so-called "logic" of the left, then it would be true. That is what they do. Democrat politicians, MSM, and many celebrities enjoy name-calling. Criticizing someone who happens to be Jewish would get you the label of anti-semite. 

To call out an individual, for bad policies, or malicious actions, is not calling out an entire group. To call out a black person for their actions is not casting aspersions on all black people. For example, if you criticize Jesse Jackson you will be called racist. Even Martin Luther King Jr. saw Jesse Jackson as race-baiting and conflict-driven. See the article, Why Martin Luther King Distrusted Jesse Jackson

If you speak out against Rep. Ilhan Omar they will call you islamophobic. It doesn’t matter that her policies are dangerous for our country. These are the same people who won’t call out her anti-semitism for celebrating attacks on Israel. 

If you call out the dangers of George Soros, you will be called anti-semitic. According to these Democrats and their cohorts, accusing George Soros of any wrongdoing is anti-semitic because he is of a Jewish blood-line. Using that “logic”, if one spoke negatively about Hitler they would call that person an anti-semite (Hitler's mother was Jewish) even though he was responsible for the torture and death of millions of Jews. 

Is it possible that Soros pays the MSM or maybe threatens them? They sure appear to be fearful of speaking out against him for some reason. Even FOX News, who pretends to be conservative (from my viewpoint), will not even allow a guest to criticize Soros. If you want to hear it yourself, click on the link… Fox News hosts chide Newt Gingrich for talking about George Soros.

Don't let their name-calling influence you. When they call you names because they can’t argue with facts and reason consider it a badge of honor. 

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