Do You Follow the Still Small Voice?

Do You Follow the Still Small Voice?

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 17 Jun 2021

You know when you get a random thought that pops in your head, If this thought does not go against the Bible, I believe these thoughts to be the "Still Small Voice" of our loving Creator giving us a message. A fun example of this is... Years ago I was driving along when I saw a turtle in the middle of the road. In light of how long it takes a turtle to move, I prayed for him to get to the other side safely. As I was praying I heard "Why don't you help him?" So I pulled off the road and moved him to the side of the road in which he was heading. 

How often do we hear these thoughts? When this "voice" asks us to do something that would help someone, then I believe that is the voice we want to listen to. If it's an instruction where we don't understand the why, unless it's something bad, I suggest following them. We don't always understand the reasons. Maybe it's to go early, or taking a different route while going somewhere to avoid an accident. That's just an example, but we don't always know the reason for things, but that doesn't mean they should be ignored. Maybe you hear that you should call a friend or family member. Maybe that person needs to talk to someone.

I'm not talking about rational thoughts we get through analysis. Just those thoughts that pop in, sometimes we call them an "ah-ha". When our Loving Creator speaks to us, I believe it is meant for our good and/or for the good of those around us.  

Please understand that if it's the Holy Spirit prompting us, it will never go against Bible wisdom or be hurtful to someone.  If you question what popped in, speak to a fellow believer that knows the Bible and ask them if it sounds like something He might say.  This technique can be used as a confirmation until you either learn what the Bible says and/or learn how to discern it yourself. 



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