Celebrating the Sick?!

Celebrating the Sick?!

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 11 Oct 2021

Earlier this month, Justice Brett Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID even though he was fully vaccinated. However, this article is not about COVID or the vaccines. It’s about the vitriol spewed in response to the announcement by hateful people.

When it was announced that Kavanaugh tested positive for COVID many people rejoiced. The Left celebrates Kavanaugh testing positive for COVID-19. Several prominent liberals are celebrating on Twitter. Comedian Kate Willett tweeted “Looks like we just found the only thing positive about Brett Kavanaugh” 

When did people become so openly hateful? I want to say evil, but I’m TRYING to be nice. It’s hard when I see so much hatred flung at others. When you hear about someone getting sick, do you rejoice? I don’t. Even when I don’t care for someone, I don’t rejoice when bad things happen to them. I don’t celebrate attacks, I don’t celebrate illness. 

The only exception for me is when someone is rightly prosecuted for something illegal of which they are actually guilty. That is something I will celebrate. We need justice. Without justice, things get ugly. Case in point, just look at what’s going on in today’s environment. This hatred and lack of justice has caused this caustic atmosphere where people and businesses get attacked just because they don't agree and sickness and death are celebrated.


The liberals have spewed their hatred and celebrated the death of conservatives for a few years now. Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is one example. I agree with David Wolpe from The Atlantic when he wrote… Death Is Nothing to Celebrate. He also stated, “Even after the passing of a figure you revile, it’s best to refrain from dancing on the graves of the dead.” 

Those who “dance on the graves” are the kind of people that the liberals are following. People who are full of hatred. People who promote hatred, violence, attacks, illness, and death of their “enemies”. People fail to realize, that an ally today, may very well be an enemy tomorrow. 

At any rate, death and illness is not something to celebrate no matter who it falls on.

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