Are Politicians Upholding Their Oath?

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 8 May 2021

When someone in government tells big tech to remove information... it is no longer a private company doing the censoring. It is now the government attacking our 1st amendment rights. When a state's Attorney General threatens an attorney or elected officials for speaking out against their views it is another attack on our great Constitution.

In a November 21, 2020 interview Dana Nessel (Michigan's Attorney General) threatened state legislators with criminal charges if they spoke out about the election fraud. Michigan AG Nessel, Governor Whitmer, and Secretary of State Benson filed complaints with the Attorney Grievance Commission of the State of Michigan and the State Bar of Texas, asking that these attorneys be disbarred. Why? Because they dared to speak out against the election fraud that happened in Michigan in 2020. For this action the above government officials want to have attorneys disbarred?!  I would like to know when our Constitution was amended preventing people from speaking out about crimes (even if you are an attorney). This is a blatant attack on the 1st amendment rights of those attorneys!

Whitmer Calls for Disbarment of Sidney Powell and Others

Side note... I believe that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., being the monopolies that they are, have no right to censor either. (Except where laws are broken). But this article is not about that. It is about government over-reach with censorship.

Biden's administration told Senator Barrasso and his colleagues to delete photos of the border crisis. This is the government infringing on our first amendment. The people in government are supposed to uphold our Constitution. But the Democrats (and some Republicans) continually oppose it. What happens when you are sworn in to protect our Constitution and you destroy it? Apparently nothing. This has been going on for years, but now things are exponentially worse and are being done in broad daylight.

Politicians aren't the only ones having difficulty getting access to the border to see the truth about the border crisis. According to the above-linked article from, journalists are having this problem as well.

"Similar to the lawmakers who went to the border with Barrasso, journalists have also been fighting to get increased access to the border to find out what is truly happening."

Our government is supposed to protect our freedoms, but they are doing everything they can to take these rights away from us as fast as they can. THIS IS TYRANNY! THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! Our courts and our justice system need to be addressing these issues. But as of late I am very disappointed with even our Supreme Court. When will they stand up for the people of this nation and our great Constitution that they swore to uphold?




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