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Trying to understand views, tips and likes here on Publish0x

This will be my second article on the topic of trying to figure out what makes Publish0x tick. In the first one I talked about my initial experience with my articles. And how they seem to produce a very varied result without me being able to really understand why. I also ended by asking for help from you, my other fellow writers and readers.

Today I am going to take a look at my articles and try to see if I can find any other patterns or metrics to use when talking about them in the future. Let us take a closer look at the metrics that Publish0x provides you with. For those who do not know. Publish0x keeps track of the number of views, likes, dislikes and finally the amount you have gotten in tips.d1e446495e530f18b5477a094b93028c6608b473667cab91a9f87324547737aa.png

Let us start with views. As this is often a metrics used by many to measure success. And as you can see I have a total of 2361 views, over all of my 11 articles. This gives me an average of 214 views per article. But my 11 articles span a wide range of views. My least viewed one has only 80 views. While my most views have a massive 441views. And yes I used the word massive there. It is a massive amount of views for me. ^^

So if we try to connect the views to the tips. As it all comes back to that sweet money… Then we get the figure of 0,0627 cents per view. Or if you like 0,000627 dollar per view. While nice numbers, those are not very usable numbers. Usable as they are very small and hard to use because of that. As I look at the individual stats for my articles I can also see a variety in the number of views and the amount of tips I have gotten. Meaning that I do not always get “high” tips on articles that have a lot of views. I can get the same amount of tips on articles that have a lot less views. So views is probably not the best matrix for tracking the tips. At Least not for me and my small statistical data set. Maybe it will prove more accurate and useful with time. In the meantime let us take a look at some of the other stats then.

Let us move over to likes. My 11 articles have racked up 86 likes and three dislikes. So that is close to a 30 to 1 ratio. Which is another thing I feel super happy and grateful for. Having so many more readers say they like my writing compared to disliking it. Especially given the gold but true “there is always someone on the internet that hates everything” statement. So if we now take a look at the match for likes per tip. This gives us the following number: 0,0172 dollars per like. Or 1,72 cents per like. A much more useful number to use. But does this hold up when I look at the articles, do the articles with more likes have a higher amount of tips on them?


While the picture does not show all 11 of my articles, the other shows pretty much more of the same. And at least I think that there is a much better case for using money per like rather than views. But of course. This might change with more samples. And as I so far only have 3 dislikes, thank you every one for apparently liking what I write. I think for now they are statistically insignificant.

I will also continue to look into views and how and if I can increase them and how that will impact my numbers. In the meantime I would love to hear if you all have a similar experience regarding your views, likes and tips. Please do share in the comment section. 


Next time we will take a look at something different. No, I am not going to tell you now what it is. You just have to wait and see. =)


Oh and I almost forgot. I broke through over 500 views yesterday for my first time. So a massive thank you to every one who viewed and read what I put out here. 


See you on the interwebs!

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