Bitboy vs. Atozy aka the Youtuber fight

Recently the crypto Youtuber Bitboy filed a public lawsuit against another Youtuber Atozy. In it, Bitboy alleges that Atozy caused him damages to the tune of $75,000 due to the defamation.

Why file sute

Bitboy is a crypto Youtuber who promotes crypto projects on his channel and earns money by doing so. The projects he chooses to endorse, and in turn expose his audience to, is not always the best project. 

Atozy, who is also a Youtuber called out Bitboy in one of his videos. Calling him a d-bag for doing this. In a sense scamming his own audience tricking them to invest in scam projects. This was however not the first time Bitboy was called out for doing what he does. But apparently, this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

So Bitboy, suffering financial damage by Atozys defamation. Did the only logical thing, and filed suit.

The twist

Apparently, Bitboy did not like the public scrutiny and attention he has been getting over his lawsuit against Atozy. The story has been covered both in the media and on such youtube channels as Coffecilla.

If you want to view Coffeezilla´s video on the lawsuit, it is as always on point and entertaining

And to say the least it does not really paint Bitboy in the best of light. And if you add that on top of the already shady light he was using on himself. It has probably done more damage to Bitboy than any youtube video calling him out ever could have. I guess in a sense than you Bitboy?

I guess I didn't understand that my name is now so big that if I file a lawsuit, it will be found and made public, [...] Obviously, if [I knew] this would have been public, I wouldn't have done it. -Bitboy

It has all led to Bitboy dropping his public lawsuit, because it got public. Yea how do you like that for irony? I can't make that stuff up, even if I tried.

The quote was taken from Bitboy's live stream. Link down below.

Probably the best thing to come from this whole mess is to see how the crypto community rallied behind Atozy and answered his call for help. That is truly heartwarming to see.

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