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280 blockchains are still vulnerable to the same bug Dogecoin just patched

Great news if you hold Dogecoin or are a fan of the coin. As they appear to have patched a vulnerability recently. Sadly for most others, the same vulnerability is percent in 280 other blockchains.

The bug

It appears that the bug can be found in the way peer-to-peer communications are conducted on the blockchain. Some of the networks that are affected by this are Litecoin and Zcash to name a few. The vulnerability was discovered back in 2022 during a security check by Halborn on Dogecoin. And Dogecoin took action and patched the vulnerabilities found.

Due to codebase differences between the networks not all the vulnerabilities are exploitable on all the networks, but at least one of them may be exploitable on each network -Halborn CEO Rob Behnke

The bad thing is Halborn later found the same type of vulnerability in 280 other blockchains. This could potentially expose over $25 billion worth of tokens to potential security risks. The vulnerability has been dubbed "Rab13s". And they would allow an attacker to send malicious consensus messages to individual nodes in the network, causing them to shut down and leaving the entire network vulnerable to 51% attacks or other severe issues.

If you are a developer or have contact with one of them, I would implore you to check and see if your blockchain is one of the 280 that are vulnerable. As the odds are in favor of it. Hopefully, this issue will get taken care of asap. Fingers crossed it will be before it is found out and exploited by nefarious actors.

Are you worried about your preferred blockchain, or do you perhaps run a node? Please share your thoughts about this in the comment section below. If you would like to support me and the content I make, please consider following me, reading my other posts, or why not do both instead.



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